Kansas City Artificial Grass What are the benefits

As more people are turning towards environmentally-friendly options, it’s no surprise that synthetic grass has become such a popular choice. Experts have stated that the installation of Kansas City artificial grass is not only better for the environment, but also for your health, too!

1. Chemical-free Lawn Care

Instead of using chemical-based fertilizers and pesticides, the use of synthetic grass removes the need for these harmful products.

2. No Chemicals Leaching Into Drinking Water Supplies

Over time, chemicals used in lawn care can leach into the soil and eventually run off into our drinking water sources. Artificially seeded surfaces such as greens and tees are not exposed to the same conditions and therefore cannot leach harmful chemicals into your water.

3. No Chemical Run-off Into Our Oceans

Artificial lawns do not accumulate the excess nutrient run-off which is responsible for creating coastal dead zones, or hypoxic areas, of our oceans . These areas contain little to no oxygen and are harmful to sea life. Coastal dead zones are found in many areas along the Atlantic coast of North America, including California’s San Francisco Bay area.

4. Keeps Lawn Equipment Clean

Synthetic grass in Kansas City requires less mowing, which means that you won’t have to sweep up grass clippings after every use, or wash your mower as often. This means less debris is flying around you, your lawn equipment, and the environment!

5. Maintains Green Grass All Year-Round

Artificial grass requires no water or fertilizer to keep it green all year round, leaving you with a lush looking lawn without having to put any extra work into it. As a result, you’ll spend more time enjoying your green lawn and less time worrying about it.

6. Protects Your Lawn from Foot Traffic Damage

Walking on a natural grass surface can damage the blades, allowing weeds to grow among healthy grass blades . This creates an unhealthy lawn. Walking on artificial turf is much easier on the blades, which can help to prevent weeds from taking over your lawn and keep it looking healthy.

7. Prevents Skin Irritations and Rashes

Many people develop skin irritations and rashes after walking barefoot on natural grass, especially if there is a lot of foot traffic in the area . This can result in serious discomfort that can last for weeks.

8. Less Maintenance

Artificially Seeded Greens and Tees Require Less Maintenance Artificial grass is easier to maintain, saving you money that you can put towards trips to the golf course with your friends!

9. No Burn Marks on Your Hands

Kansas City artificial grass do not support the growth of Bermuda grass, which is notorious for causing painful burns.

10. No Browning During Drought Years

Browning of natural grass is primarily due to the lack of water. This leads to dead patches in your lawn that can then cause weeds and pests to take over . As synthetic grass requires no watering, it naturally browns at a much slower rate than natural grass.

Final Thoughts

Artificial turf in Kansas City is an excellent choice for any lawn, especially if you are concerned about environmental problems. The best part? There are so many benefits that it’s hard not to want the perfect green lawn that will beautify your home and last a lifetime!