Make Your Pet Artificial Grass In Portland More Exciting With These Features

Most dogs hate baths, but they love a good swim, run through the misters, or shower in the rain. By adding some water features to your pet artificial grass in Portland, you can give your dog the experience of enjoying all those things without any of the mess.

1. Misters

Misters create a cooling spray of water and can be used to help keep your pets cool on hot days. These are especially useful when combined with pet artificial grass in Portland since there is no pooling or standing water for the dogs to get into, which could lead to accidents. It also makes it incredibly easy to clean up any messes that happen in the area where you have installed your misting system, since the only thing that will be affected by a little bit of spilled water is going to be the artificial grass itself.

2. Fountains

By adding a fountain feature, you give your dog a new way to engage in one of their favorite activities: drinking from a running source of fresh water. This might also encourage your dog(s) to drink more water, which is essential for good pet health.

3. Ponds

Whether you are adding a pond to promote natural wildlife or simply want something beautiful and tranquil to look at, an artificial pond can be the perfect addition to your yard.

By creating a different atmosphere with fountains and ponds, not only will you create sheltering shade in one area of your yard, but you will also provide yourself with colorful fish that keep the edges clean by eating up all the bugs which might otherwise become pests in your garden or on your lawn.

4. Wading Pool

Adding a wading pool to your yard is another way for you and your dogs to enjoy water without the mess that comes from standing water.

These add-ons would be especially useful if you live in an area where it gets very hot during certain parts of the year, since these features can provide a cooling escape from the heat while also being easy to clean up when accidents happen. If you have a dog, or ever had a dog, you know how quickly they can completely destroy a backyard. By adding artificial grass like putting green in Portland to your yard , you save yourself from spending multiple weekends every summer cleaning up their messes by laying down some artificial turf instead.

5. Shower Wall

Many dogs might not be able to enjoy the feeling of a summer rain shower, but they could still get to stick their feet in the water and play with the spray. This is another way for your pet to get his or her own little taste of natural outdoor bliss without all the hassle that comes from keeping an artificial lawn clean.

By adding some water features along with your new artificial grass , you can create an exciting new space for yourself and your dog while also saving yourself time and effort every time nature calls.

If you are still struggling to decide whether or not this would be beneficial for you, talk to your synthetic grass expert in Portland.