commercial indoor putting green

Shopping complexes are becoming increasingly popular places for people to spend their time. From food courts to movie theaters, shopping centers have something to offer everyone. However, many malls and shopping plazas don’t take full advantage of the space they have available. By installing artificial grass putting greens in Bend, shopping complexes can offer a unique experience that customers won’t soon forget. Let’s take a look at 8 benefits of having a putting green on-site at your shopping center.

1. Increased Foot Traffic: When you install a putting green in your shopping complex, you create an inviting atmosphere that encourages people to come in and enjoy the environment. People will be drawn in by the novelty of being able to play golf inside a mall or plaza and will likely end up spending more time there than they had planned. This increased foot traffic can be beneficial for all businesses located within the complex as more people means more potential customers!

2. Improved Brand Awareness: Having an artificial putting green gives your business more exposure. People may not realize it at first, but if they see a sign promoting your business while playing on the green, they may remember it better than traditional signs or ads elsewhere in the complex. This is because it provides them with an enjoyable experience while also providing useful information about your brand.

3. A Unique Selling Point: Adding artificial grass putting greens in Bend to your shopping complex sets you apart from other competitors who do not have one and allows customers to experience something unique and exciting when visiting your location rather than just browsing stores or eating at restaurants like everywhere else. The presence of the putting green will make shoppers think twice before choosing another destination for their leisure activities and give them an incentive to return often!

4. Increased Revenue: Allowing patrons to pay per game or buy memberships for discounts can help generate additional revenue for your business that would otherwise not exist without the presence of artificial grass in Bend Oregon. Furthermore, shoppers may decide to purchase extra items such as snacks or drinks after their time spent on the course which could result in additional income for local vendors as well!

5. More Family-Friendly Environment: Installing an artificial putting green in your shopping complex can help create a family-friendly atmosphere that is inviting to both adults and children alike. This will encourage families with young children who want something fun and exciting to do while out shopping together as well as teenagers looking for something new and different from what other malls may offer them!

6. Improved Customer Experience: Offering customers an exciting activity such as miniature golf can improve their overall experience at your shopping complex by providing them with fun entertainment during their visit. If properly maintained, this amenity can serve as an oasis away from other busy areas within the mall where people can relax and let loose while still enjoying themselves!

7. Enhanced Community Involvement: Artificial turf in Bend Oregon can provide much needed community involvement by hosting special events such as tournaments or fundraisers that bring together members of local communities who might otherwise never interact with one another outside of these events! This is especially beneficial if those events benefit charities or other organizations within those neighborhoods!

8. Environmental Protection: Finally, having an artificial putting green at your shopping complex helps reduce water consumption since real grass requires much more maintenance than its synthetic counterpart does (and no pesticides!). It also reduces air pollution due to reduced mowing requirements which makes it beneficial for both our planet and our wallets too!

Adding an artificial putting green into any shopping center has numerous benefits; from increased foot traffic and brand awareness, improved customer experiences, enhanced community involvement, environmental protection – all leading up towards generating additional revenue streams through admission fees (or membership discounts). Ultimately, this leads towards creating a unique selling point for any establishment looking into investing into adding this amenity – making sure that it stands out amongst its competitors!