An artificial putting green in Phoenix is a great amenity for novice and professional golfers. The only drawback is its lack of variety, which may reduce its play quality. For instance, after some time of playing, most people no longer find their putting green challenging.

Most people install synthetic putting greens on limited outdoor spaces, such as backyards, side yards, terraces, and rooftops. This diminishes their customizability. As a result, most people master the putts needed to reach their hole soon after their installation.

Ensure your green will continue to help you hone your skills months, if not years, after its installation with creative layout ideas.

putting green side yard

Smart Layout Designs for Putting Greens

There are two ways to increase the difficulty level of your synthetic putting green. Firstly, you can get creative with its layout.
Secondly, you can incorporate different obstacles into its design. This article focuses on the first option. Here are some creative layout ideas that can keep your golf games challenging:

Double Putting Green

Double putting greens are common among older courses in Great Britain and Ireland. They serve two golf course holes. Double greens are also usually expansive enough to host multiple golfers simultaneously.

Suppose your grounds are big enough to pull off this green layout. In that case, it’s a good idea to add permanent and temporary hazards to your artificial turf installation in Phoenix, AZ for more variety.

Permanent obstacles are usually a part of the terrain, such as slopes, dips, and inclines. Temporary hazards, on the other hand, offer more customizability. You add and remove them from your green whenever you want. Both hazard types will force you to think outside the box for every game. Let miniature golf facilities inspire you.

Crowned Putting Green

A crowned artificial putting green in Phoenix sits atop a hill with gentle slopes. It pushes golfers to strategize, note how the climb will affect the roll of their ball, and aim their putts away from the flag. Other names of the crowned green include turtleback green, tortoise-shell green, and domed green.

Don’t have natural hills in your yard? Fret not. Synthetic turf installers can help you create some for your putting green installation. With years of landscaping experience under their belt, they can also make crowned greens look like their a natural part of your grounds.

Punchbowl Putting Green

This is the opposite of the previous layout. A punchbowl putting green sits inside a sunken area and features a relatively flat surface. Few golf course owners add it to their terrain because its structure makes it prone to drainage. As a result, it is susceptible to grass growth problems.

Fortunately, these are not issues with synthetic turf. Expertly installed artificial putting greens come with an efficient drainage system. They also stay consistently short, lush, and green regardless of the terrain they’re on, unlike their natural counterparts.

Customize Your Putting Green With Artificial Turf Experts

Synthetic grass specialists have the tools, skills, and experience needed to pull off any of these layout ideas. They can even help you develop an entirely new design or mix any of these layouts to suit your needs and preferences. Above all, they can guarantee that the installation will be quick and free of mistakes.

Make sure your putting green remains challenging for a long time. Set an appointment with the best installers of Arizona artificial grass in your area today to get started.