Don’t you just love how your furry pals enjoy the best artificial turf on your lawn? They like the soft feeling of its blades on their little paws. In fact, they love doing everything on it! From morning showers to afternoon playdates. But there’s a tiny hitch, though. They also like leaving their stinky businesses all over it. So much so that your lawn sometimes smells like their urine. Yikes!

Artificial grass can get rid of your dog’s urine in seconds. But without proper maintenance, pee odor will eventually cling to your synthetic turf. But don’t worry. A pet deodorizing infill can solve your smelly problems!

So, what is a deodorizing infill? More importantly, how can you install one on your lawn? Keep on reading to know more about it!

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Pet Deodorizing Infill: What Is It and What Does It Do

Infill refers to crushed pieces of materials laid between your artificial blades. It can be made of sand, granite, or rubber materials. Its main job is to keep the best artificial turf in San Jose in an upright position. Also, it maintains your turf’s plush and grass-like appearance.

Now, a deodorizing infill does the same thing. But it has extra powers that go beyond the abilities of a regular infill. Here’s how it keeps your lawn fresh and odor-free!

  • First, a deodorizing infill contains materials that absorb pet urine. It can either be zeolite granules or poly-coated silica sand.
  • After absorption, it will destroy the ammonia content of the urine. Thus, preventing gas from forming and spreading in the air.
  • Turf deodorizers also contain natural agents that kill the bacteria in your turf.

How to Install Turf Deodorizer in Your Lawn

Seasoned installers know the right kind of infill for pet owners. So, make sure to tell them that you have pets that will be using the lawn as a bathroom. This way, they can place turf deodorizer throughout your yard.

But if the artificial grass came before your dog, no worries! You can install a deodorizer on the best artificial turf lawn, DIY style! Here’s how you can do that.

1. Choose Quality Turf Deodorizer

Look for the best deodorizing infill at your local store. The amount of infill depends on the size of your pet. For example, 2-3 pounds per square foot for small to medium-sized dogs. For large dogs, you will need to put 3 to 4 pounds per square foot.

2. Apply the Infill

First, give your artificial turf a good brushing. Then, spread the deodorizing infill using a leaf blower or seed spreader. Make sure that the infill covers your entire lawn.

After, use a rake or stiff broom to brush your artificial grass. This will pull the synthetic blades out and let the infill settle to the bottom.

You can also remove a strong urine smell from your turf using a vinegar solution. To do this, mix equal parts of vinegar and water and put it in a spraying bottle.

When your pet pees, hose down the area with water. Then, spray it with your vinegar solution, then rinse again with water. Voila! You now have a clean and odor-free lawn.

Enjoy a Pet-Friendly Lawn Using the Synthetic Grass

Let your pets run safely on your lawn using the best artificial grass accessories and synthetic grass for dogs in San Jose! Contact your local installers today to get your project going.