Got a new puppy or already have one or two? It’s time to switch to artificial grass in Modesto! From potty training to cleaning up messes, Modesto pet owners have found that synthetic turf is the best choice for them and their dogs.

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Benefits of Artificial Grass for Pet Owners

Dogs absolutely love artificial grass! It’s soft on the paws and great for rolling around, jumping, and running. However, the good news is not just for them. It’s for their humans, too!

Artificial turf in Modesto offers fantastic benefits for pet owners:

Spend less time cleaning up after your puppy.

Muddy paws are a fact of life if you have a natural lawn. With the slightest rain pour can muddy if the soil, and as all pet owners know, dogs adore playing in mud. When you make the switch, you never have to deal with dirty paw prints all over your backyard and home.

Another advantage is that it’s easier to clean up after your dog goes potty. Unlike real grass, which can encourage pee puddles especially if the ground is packed and hard, synthetic turf has a terrific drainage system that will quickly direct urine from the surface to the subbase below.

Worried about bad odors, don’t be! With a quick rinse, your synthetic yard will become squeaky clean again.

Enjoy many years of having a pristine backyard.

Many people, upon taking their pets home, simply give up on having their dream yard. After all, pooches are notorious for digging up holes, ripping out grass, causing lawn burn, and otherwise killing off what used to be a green oasis.

Going for artificial grass installation in Modesto, CA means you never have to give up on this dream. No matter how hard or how often your dog plays in your lawn, their persistent paws will never be able to damage the turf. The backing is so tough, your pup won’t be able to rip out the fibers or dig holes through the surface. Enjoy 10 to 25 years of having a perfectly green backyard you can be proud of!

Ensure the safety of your furry pal.

For pet owners, nothing is more important than the safety of their beloved dogs. Unfortunately, so many hidden hazards lurk in natural lawns. Some of these are fleas and ticks, toxic weeds and plants, grass burrs, and allergy-triggering grass pollen.

Artificial grass in Modesto is designed to wipe out all of these dangers. Fleas, ticks, and other pets cannot survive on it. Toxic weeds won’t be able to grow on synthetic turf. It will never trigger grass allergies nor produce burrs that can injure their skin and paws.

Once you make the switch, all you need to think about is how you want to play and relax with your dog in your own backyard!

Aside from its residential applications, pet-friendly synthetic turf for dogs is a great material for commercial facilities, too. Contact your local artificial grass experts to learn more!