Synthetic Putting Green Installation in with Plants and Flowers

Synthetic grass in Houston, TX is a great way to create a green lawn without the hassle of watering, fertilizing, and mowing. Here are 10 helpful tips for those who want to enjoy their artificial grass as part of a beautiful landscape design where they can relax with friends and family.

1. Landscape your yard with rocks or wood for visual appeal.

First, it’s important to choose the right type of artificial grass for your yard. There are different types of artificial grass with different needs when it comes to sunlight and water. If you want to add a beautiful lawn feature such as rocks, wood chips or even a pond, place them in areas where there is no need for watering such as under trees that shade the area or near buildings which absorb heat.

Then plant an ornamental tree on synthetic grass for pets in Houston that will provide shade to the lawn feature all year round without blocking too much sunlight from the artificial grass. A rock garden with small trees is pretty and will help save water by providing some natural shade on your lawn during the summer months.

2. Use mulch to cut down on weeds.

Mulch is a great way to cut down on the number of weeds that grow in your lawn. This will provide an additional benefit for your artificial grass because you won’t need to use weed killer. Mulch also blocks sunlight from reaching the soil which prevents weed seeds from germinating and growing into strong plants that can potentially damage artificial grass.

3. Plant a few flowers to add color and fragrance near the patio or seating area.

Adding color and fragrance to artificial turf installation in Houston, TX is easy with just a few annuals planted in different spots around your yard using wood chips as a short-term solution to holding moisture for those that need it most. Dwarf zinnias are great because they are deer resistant and can handle temperatures down to -30°F. They also come in a range of colors including yellows, oranges, pinks and reds.

4. Used raised planters.

Build raised planters to add color and create a beautiful focal point. If you want to make the most of your efforts, place your artificial grass in front of them so that you can enjoy their beauty all year round. Then plant flowers such as “Little Gem” pansies which come in a selection of colors and remain colored for weeks. “Little Gem” pansies also do not require a lot of water.

5. Placing your artificial grass on a slope is fine as long as it’s not too steep.

For aesthetic reasons, you might want to add some extra features to your synthetic grass in Houston, TX such as planting flowers and placing rocks and wood chips around them for both added beauty and to provide additional shade. One option is to build small raised garden beds for those plants that need more water and/or sunlight. You can also use your artificial grass as a level lawn without any additional landscape features like rocks or wood chips.