Protect Your Dog From Toxins With Artificial Grass For Dogs In Seattle

Lawn care involves using lots of chemicals, many of them toxic to pets like dogs. Dogs can ingest these toxins by playing on the lawn, licking themselves after rolling around in them, or simply by breathing. If you would like to create a garden for your canine companion, it’s time to consider artificial grass for dogs in Seattle for several reasons.

About Puppies and Artificial Grass

Artificial grass for dogs in Seattle is a safe place for your new puppy to play. It will not collect dirt and mud from the yard, which can harbor dangerous parasites like intestinal worms . What’s more, it isn’t necessary to hose down or wash artificial lawn in order to clean up after your pet because there will be no mess in the first place! Artificial grass is a much cleaner solution for puppies than real grass that has been exposed to feces or vomit.

Artificial Grass Offers Many Benefits for Pets

Look over our list of benefits below and decide if artificial grass will work for your pet:

1. Superior Performance

In addition to being a safer surface for your pet, synthetic lawn also outperforms the real thing. This means that it actually saves you time and money because it needs less care than grass from nature.

2. No More Smell

If your dog likes to go potty in the same spot all of the time, this will be a real benefit for you! Artificial turf for pets in Seattle has excellent drainage so it doesn’t smell like a potty spot anymore.

3. High-Quality Turf

You don’t have to worry about what kind of artificial grass material is going into your garden because our products are made with 40% recycled materials. Easy to Maintain

Artificial grass doesn’t need to be mowed or watered, so you will have more free time for playtime with your canine friend.

4. No Chemicals Required

Unlike real grass, artificial lawn does not require chemical fertilizers, weed killer, pesticides or any other potentially dangerous toxins. This is good news for dogs that like to roll around in the yard after they are finished playing!

5. Pet Safe Material

Paw pads can be burned by grass that is too hot, and dogs and cats can get sick if they eat grass. Pet-safe artificial turf is specially designed to be safe for pets and it doesn’t contain any of the green pigment of real grass due to an anti-UV component we add. Even green dogs won’t be able to pee green on this lawn!

6. Water Saver

You will save money on your water bill because there is no need to water synthetic lawn. If you do irrigate your garden, however, make sure that you use low-pH balanced or rain water so that plants grow healthily and dogs don’t get sick from swimming in it.

No More Expensive Cleaning Bills

You can save yourself a lot of money on your household cleaning supplies if you have artificial turf instead of real grass. It isn’t necessary to buy bark dust or wood chip mulch, which you will find at the pet store, because you won’t have much purpose for it! Bark dust is used as an organic alternative to chemicals in some lawn care products. One small bag costs between $1-$5 depending on its size, but you won’t need this any more with artificial lawn.

Artificial Grass Saves Your Yard

If you are tired of worrying about what toxins are being released into your yard or you simply want to enjoy your garden without having to spend countless hours maintaining it, go ahead and install synthetic grass in Seattle!