As a film buff, you may have thought about recreating a space in your home from something you’ve seen. And gardens are one of the easiest spaces to recreate. Give your project a movie-magic kind of result by using artificial turf in Dallas!

artificial turf inspired gardens

Iconic Film Gardens You Can Replicate

There are a lot of films that feature incredible gardens for their iconic scenes. Below are some of the most memorable ones that you can easily replicate and tweak to your needs.

Secret Garden (2020)

A memorable scene in this film is when Mary, Dickon, and Jemima the dog, took Collin to swim in the pond. In creating a secret garden of your own, a pond is important to complete the look. A water feature, however, can cause muddy or puddled surroundings.

A perfect solution is to incorporate the best artificial grass for dogs in your garden. Synthetic grass has a porous backing that helps drain water easily and prevents puddles or muddy banks. It is also made with non-toxic materials that are safe for pets.

Peter Rabbit (2018)

Mr. McGregor’s garden features different edible plants separated by patches on bare land. And while the garden looks amazing, replicating it with the same bare walkway might not be a great idea. Using artificial turf in your Dallas edible garden will make it even better.

Artificial grass works great as walkways, and for framing the patches. It keeps the soil where it needs to be, and keeps away threats like weeds and pests that may ruin the plants. This is because bugs cannot create homes in plastic, and weeds cannot grow on them.

Call Me By Your Name (2017)

A recurring scene in this 2017 film is that of the Perlmans and Oliver sharing a meal in the garden. Their dining area has metal furniture and brick floorings. And these two don’t go well together. This is because metal and stones are both hard materials that can damage each other due to friction.

A better choice of flooring in replicating this garden, is artificial grass in Dallas, TX. Synthetic turf is durable enough for heavy objects and does not tear easily. Its smooth surface also helps protect your furniture from scratches made by pushing and pulling.

Edward Scissorhands (1990)

Edward’s garden features a classical design with a lush lawn and beautiful topiaries. To replicate this, having a restrained color palette is important, which consists of different shades of green.

Maintaining greenery needs constant trimming and watering. The maintenance work and expenses can be reduced when you use artificial grass instead of a natural lawn. Synthetic turf stays green the whole year round without watering or trimming, which is a great investment for your home.

Karate Kid (1984)

Daniel learned his karate skills in Mr. Miyagi’s zen-inspired garden. It features training equipment and oriental ornaments framed by a lush lawn. To replicate this, framing is key. The synthetic turf’s rich green color works well in framing ornaments. Its lushness creates contrast, making the sculptures stand out.

Artificial grass also works well for training. Its non-slip surface can help you stand on one foot, or do perfect jump kicks without slipping upon landing. Its also made with multiple layers, which can safely cushion any trips or falls.

Create the Garden of Your Dreams with Artificial Grass

Remodeling your garden into something you’ve always dreamed of is a very exciting project. And using artificial grass can make it possible. To get started, call your local installers now!