Synthetic Grass in Modesto CA Environmentally-Friendly Benefits and More

If you want an eco-friendly backyard, consider synthetic grass in Modesto, CA . Not only is it environmentally friendly, but here are seven other benefits.

1. It Reduces Water Usage

Because you don’t have to water or maintain your lawn as much when you use this type of grass, there is a reduced need for the amount of water used in an outdoor setting. The average homeowner waters their lawn around 30 times a season; when you use this turf, you cut back drastically on the amount of water.

2. It’s Pet-Friendly

Smaller dogs and cats trying to get relief from hot pavement or sidewalk often can’t find relief because they can’t dig in the grass to create a comfortable place for themselves. A synthetic lawn is kinder to their paws, so to speak. However, if artificial grass is not your preference for any reason, other environmentally friendly choices are available in Modesto like gravel landscaping and decomposed granite.

3. It’s Fire Resistant

If you’re located in an area that experiences wildfires, artificial grass installation in Modesto, CA reduces the risk of rapidly spreading flames because it’s more difficult for them to find fuel.

4. It’s Insect Resistant

This type of grass doesn’t provide food or water for bugs, so they usually stay away from the area and it won’t be overrun with ants and similar types of insects. While there is a potential infestation risk, this is still safer than if you had real grass.

5. It’s Safer for Pets and Kids

Because pets and kids won’t be attracted to the area like they would with real grass because of its lack of nutrients, it’s less likely that they’ll get hurt because you planted this turf in your back yard or putting greens in Modesto. Think about what happens when a child falls on a blade of grass – it can be quite dangerous.

6. It Pays for Itself

You’ll actually save money by using this type of lawn because you won’t have ongoing yard work to maintain it, and pets and kids won’t tear up the turf with their activities. This means less maintenance costs for you throughout the year.

7. It’s Environmentally Friendly

As you can tell by now, synthetic grass in Modesto CA is actually sustainable. You won’t find it anywhere else except in the earth, so over time there will be no more produced. This means that eventually it will decompose and become part of nature again rather than end up in a landfill somewhere. It’s also recyclable, meaning it will break down over time and won’t end up in the same place.

You can feel good about using this type of grass because you’re helping to reduce environmental damage that’s caused by most types of landscaping like cutting trees down which slows deforestation, water use for lawns to keep them green which causes demand issues, etc.