By itself, an Atlanta putting green is already an excellent way to sharpen your golf skills and have some backyard fun. But if you’re looking for a more challenging time, there are features you can add to your green to take it to the next level. Consider these upgrades during your installation!

putting green add-ons

Awesome Features to Add to Your Backyard Putting Green

The beauty of having your own synthetic putting green is that you can add anything you want to it. Customize it based on your personality, design it following your terrain, make it kid-friendly – anything is possible when you’re working with turf!

You can even personalize the design completely with colorful tee flags, lights, and more.

As for your putting green, talk to your installer about adding these features during Atlanta grass installation:

Multiple Holes

No need to settle for a boring, one-hole strip when you have an artificial grass putting green. If you think multiple holes won’t fit in your yard, consult your installer first. More often than not, they can find ways to fit more than one hole in your terrain. They can do this by cutting and fitting turf around even the most awkward corners.

Sand Pit

If you’re having a putting green installed because you plan to go pro, a sand pit can be a really useful obstacle. This is best for bigger backyards so you can practice your shots with ease. Aside from sand pits, you can also ask your installer to integrate a little pond to the design.


Got a flat backyard terrain, but want challenging slopes on your Atlanta putting green? No problem! Anything is possible with synthetic grass. Experienced installers can create artificial slopes and waves in your backyard to mimic the undulation of a regulation golf course in a small-scale manner.

Benefits of Owning a Backyard Putting Green

You already know you can boost the fun and challenge factor of your personal putting green, but why do you even need one in the first place? Here’s what many new owners of artificial grass putting greens have discovered:

1. Unlimited tee time

Play any time, as long as you want!

2. Savings

No need to gas up your car or pay just to play on the nearest course.

3. Share the fun

Teach your children how to play your favorite sport! A putting green is also a fantastic social amenity you can share with family and guests during parties and gatherings.

4. Easy to maintain

Don’t worry about working on your putting green. Aside from rinsing it out and brushing from time to time, it takes almost no effort to maintain!

5. Save time

Tired of trying to spare an hour or two during the weekend just to tee off? With a putting green, you don’t have to waste time on the road or waiting for your turn on the green. Just step outside your door and start swinging!

Whether you enjoy golf casually or have plans to go pro, installing a backyard putting green is a decision you won’t regret. Contact your local installers of artificial turf in Atlanta to kickstart your project!