Your dog deserves a nice, safe space to spend time in your backyard. However, leaving them outdoors to their own devices isn’t ideal unless they have a select area for hanging out. Using artificial turf for pets in Seattle kennels for your four-legged pals provides peace of mind and helps keep your backyard mess-free and safe for both pets and family members.

kennel artificial grass

The Kennel Your Dog Deserves

Surely, you spent some time assessing your home when you bought furniture and placed them in their rightful spots. Everything there is meant to give comfort and ascertain safety for all users. The same ideals should be applied when designing a kennel for your pets. You can’t keep an eye on them at all times but having a safe space outdoors would lessen accidents and mishaps.

Here are a few tips to help you upgrade your kennel as you landscape your backyard.

  • Designate an Area

    Plot out the designated area for your kennel to know what you’ll have to work around. It can be as big or as small as you’d like, but of course, should give your pet lots of space for play and rest.

    If you’re using artificial turf only on select portions of your backyard, a professional installer can shape your turf accordingly. Alternatively, if the whole backyard will be landscaped with artificial grass for dogs in Seattle, you will still need to designate the areas allotted for your kennel.

    You should also account for their potty corner. Luckily, synthetic turf includes a drainage system, so pet waste won’t build up on the surface. And unlike real grass, you don’t need to worry about urine spots on your turf.

  • Mind the Surface

    Synthetic turf doesn’t require dirt, so you must ensure the spot you’re placing your kennel on is fit for turf installation. What’s great about synthetic turf is its mud-free even during rainy days. It can withstand rough play and constant use because it’s tear-resistant yet soft—definitely ideal for playful dogs!

  • Add Safety Measures
    Use fences or enclosures around their kennel. Wooden or chain fences installed in the ground adds further safety because it won’t topple over or get knocked down. Make sure they can’t jump over it, too.

    Since synthetic turf has different components than natural grass, dogs don’t have an urge to dig on turf. The kennel should have adequate shading to protect them against weather elements. Pick hardscape materials which don’t retain much heat when you intend to accentuate your artificial turf for pets in Seattle with paving and stones.

  • Decorate the Space

    Brighten up the look by adding creative shelter and other dog-friendly decorations that fit your home’s aesthetic as well as your pet’s personality to make a sweet home for your dog. Add toys and an accessible water feature to keep them from getting thirsty. Synthetic grass doesn’t retain moisture and is non-slip, too.

Solve Weather-Related Landscaping Woes with Artificial Turf

Artificial turf for pets is odor-free, non-toxic, and free of allergens. It feels and looks like real grass that’s why it’s pet-approved for playtime and lounging. A kennel upgrade is what your backyard needs for enjoyment and comfort. Who knows, maybe it can even encourage your kids to spend more time outdoors with your pets!

What are you waiting for? Get in touch with a professional turf company to install synthetic grass in your Seattle home. Time to give your dog the space they deserve in your lovely backyard.