In today’s day and age, there is a golf course on almost every corner in America. Golf courses have been an integral part of American culture for more than a century, and they probably will continue to be a staple in our culture for years to come.

However, the old stereotype of a golfer being middle-aged or older no longer applies – more and more people are taking up this fun sport, with no age limit! A total re-branding has occurred over the past few decades that has made golf more accessible to everyone from young children all the way up through retirees who never had time to learn how before.

With that in mind, artificial grass installation in NJ like backyard putting greens is the perfect addition to event venues of all kinds, large and small.

Synthetic putting greens

Top Ten Reasons Why Backyard Putting Greens Are Perfect for All Event Venues

1) They appeal to more demographics than walking golf courses

2) It is a great way to promote your venue on social media with popular hashtags

3) Guests can use them both before and after events for practice, making them feel at home when they arrive

4) You can host mini-tournaments or contests on them throughout the year

5) If you have an outdoor wedding ceremony location, guests will love practicing their short game on it beforehand!

6) Their compact size makes them easy to place just about anywhere

7) They aren’t as expensive as you might think

8) They’re a great way to bring some green into your venue without having to sacrifice space and budget and can be used for both practice and events

9) You can pair them with driving ranges for the full golf experience under one roof

10) Guests love practicing their short game on putting greens before and after events. It’s the perfect way to keep them entertained!

Why artificial grass?

Now that you know why artificial grass installation in NJ like backyard putting greens are such a hit among event venues, here’s why artificial grass is the perfect material for the installation:

  • New Jersey artificial turf is the most durable material
  • You can expect it to stay in great shape for longer than any other surface
  • It requires low maintenance and upkeep, which means more time enjoying your putting green than working on it

As you can see, backyard-putting greens are taking America by storm. Everyone from young children learning how to golf all the way up through retirees who never had time before are picking up this fun sport! As an event venue looking to boost your social media exposure and increase your attendees’ satisfaction with their overall experience at your location, consider adding a backyard putting green made of synthetic grass in NJ.