There are numerous usual false impressions concerning artificial grass and also the inquiry of whether snow and also frost will certainly harm artificial grass is frequently among the most significant. There are numerous noticeable advantages of having an artificial lawn yet there is still a shocking quantity of misconceptions available. In today’s blog article, your artificial grass installer in Santa Rosa desire to deal with a certain false impression: the misconception that snow or frost will certainly harm artificial grass.

Winter Care Facts for Turf

Snow or Frost Will NOT Damage Artificial Grass

The misconception concerning frost or snow destructive artificial grass is merely not real. The misunderstanding likely happened as snow and also frost can harm REAL grass.

Unlike synthetic grass in Santa Rosa, real grass can ice up as well as when you stroll on icy grass you’ll break the blades off. Snow and also frost can additionally possibly eliminate the grass on real yards. Ice as well as frost can create on artificial turf, the fibers of the plastic grass will certainly not ice up.

It will certainly not harm the colour of your grass and also it’ll still look as lavish and also green as it constantly has as quickly as it defrosts out. You can relax ensured that snow as well as frost will certainly not harm your lovely artificial lawn and also you’ll still be able to have enjoyable structure your snowman.

Exactly how Do I Eliminate Snow & Frost from An Artificial Lawn?

The very best means to manage snow, frost or ice is to enable it to thaw out normally. A lot of days, frost is typically passed mid-morning.

It is necessary to keep in mind, that there is the possible to draw fibers far from the support product if you try to get rid of snow or ice from your artificial lawn.

Making use of a shovel to get rid of snow or ice is definitely not suggested. If set up properly, artificial grass is entirely totally free draining pipes as well as when the snow or frost thaws it will normally recede from the grass without puddling or triggering any kind of damage to your artificial lawn.

Can I Utilize Grit or Rock Salt on An Artificial Lawn?

The salt will certainly not harm the fibers, yet there is the possibility that the harsh structure of gritting salt might harm the latex support as it grinds versus it under foot as well as can hinder the water drainage system. Ask your artificial turf installer in Santa Rosa if you’re unsure how to proceed.

Final Thoughts

Like the majority of misconceptions, the mistaken belief that snow or frost will certainly harm artificial grass is incorrect.

Managing snow and also frost is easy– allow nature take its program as well as enable it to thaw out normally and also there will certainly be no damages to your artificial lawn. Bring on the chillier weather condition.

If you have any type of concerns concerning artificial grass as well as the winter season climate, please call your artificial grass installer in Santa Rosa today.