Creative Ways To Excite Your Dogs With Synthetic Grass In St Louis

Synthetic grass in St. Louis is beautiful, but not very exciting to your dog. They can’t even dig it up or tear it with their claws! Not that your lawn itself is not a source of destructive entertainment for your pet, it’s time to make it a happier place for your dog to be.

Try these creative ways to create a more fun synthetic grass in St. Louis for your pet:

1. The sandbox

It’s a classic, simple and one of the most affordable ways to make your backyard more fun for your dog.

2. A swimming pool

While most dogs will enjoy playing with water in general, some breeds are especially fond of it. Keeps them cool during the hot summer days and decreases their boredom considerably! Swimming pools are good for your dog’s health too, they provide the needed strength training without all the harmful side effects of running on hard ground.

3. A doggy sprinkler

A nice alternative to the regular outdoor shower. If your dog doesn’t like water on his fur, he can simply walk through it and you won’t have to bathe him!

4. A jungle gym

Dogs love to climb and jump, so why not provide them with an outdoor playground of their own with artificial turf in St. Louis? It can be made of wood, plastic or even hemp rope. It’s an especially good idea if your dog is kept indoors most of the time.

5. A doggy treadmill

If your pooch uses up too much energy, you’ll need to find some other alternatives to channel it into something more constructive. Using a treadmill works best for dogs that hate running on hard ground and digging. Of course, it may seem like cruel punishment at first (for both you and your pet), but after some time they will get used to it and love their new toy. Some dogs can actually learn to use a treadmill very well! Just don’t expect them to run fast when in movement-mode – that would be just silly!

6. A doggy playground

Dogs also like to play, and climbing over obstacles is a great way to keep them fit. You don’t even need to build it yourself – there are plenty of ready-to-print templates available online! Just make sure you choose something easy and fun (why not try out an agility course?) and your dog will love you for it!

7. A doggy tree house

Here’s another idea that would be especially suited for canines that tend to get bored quickly. The little hut in the picture above is actually big enough for a small breed dog, but if yours needs more room then just add some stairs or other element that would allow him to climb up when he wants a better view.

8. A doggy tunnel

If your pet loves digging, but doesn’t like the hard surface of the lawn, then why not build him a tunnel? Just don’t forget to reinforce it if you’re planning on regular use!

To wrap it up, there are many more ways to make your artificial grass in St. Louis MO a better place for your dog. Just remember that if you provide both mental and physical stimulation, there is no way he could ever get bored!