Discover the Endless Applications of Artificial Grass

Aside from giving you an in-depth look at how synthetic turf works, you’ll also learn the different ways you can use turf here at Artificial Grassopedia

All About Synthetic Grass for Your Dream Putting Green

Know the ins and outs of upgrading your home with an artificial grass putting green! It’s now one of the most popular amenities for both professional players and enthusiasts alike. A putting green offers:

  • Unlimited tee time
  • A low maintenance play surface
  • A safe and comfortable place to exercise
  • A beautiful landscape

Installing a backyard putting green is definitely an excellent decision. Now, the question is, how do you start? Let Artificial Grassopedia guide you through the entire process. From selecting the perfect putting green design to all the awesome features you can add to your green, you’ll find all the information you need right here.

Learn About the Wonders of Artificial Grass for Dogs

Even pets love synthetic turf! Artificial grass is making waves among pet owners looking for low-maintenance alternatives to real grass. Top benefits include:

  • Terrific drainage for dog urine
  • Anti-bacterial surface to keep your yard hygienic
  • Doesn’t develop brown or dead spots due to lawn burn
  • Durable and deters pooches from digging and destroying your garden
  • Can accommodate dog play equipment and other fun features

On our blog, you can read all about what makes synthetic turf for dogs such as safe and healthy choice for your furry friends. We also share ideas on how to make your artificial yard more exciting for puppy play time. Wondering how to clean potty waste off your synthetic landscape? Learn all about it here at Artificial Grassopedia!

Explore the Use of Artificial Grass Around the Home

Far from its beginnings as a sport surface, artificial grass is now making big waves in residential design. You already know that synthetic turf is a terrific choice for backyards, so what else is it good for?

Read our many articles on residential artificial grass to find out! At Artificial Grassopedia, we love exploring how artificial turf can brighten up and beautify a home. Our blog is loaded with information on:

  • Synthetic turf for playgrounds, or how to make your yard safer and more fun for kids and kids at heart!
  • Different ways to use artificial grass for patios, decks, rooftops, pool areas, side yards, and many other parts of your home
  • How to decorate your interior spaces with vibrant green synthetic turf
  • Out-of-the-box ideas for backyard landscaping using artificial grass

Artificial Grass for Commercial Landscaping

Aside from residential applications, synthetic turf is also becoming an in-demand commercial landscaping material in the US and around the world.

At Artificial Grassopedia, you’ll find the latest information on how synthetic grass is providing businesses with a cost-effective, beautiful, and low-maintenance solution for their landscaping needs.

Want to know more about synthetic turf for commercial landscaping services? Browse our site for related topics on:

  • Municipal applications of artificial grass
  • Why synthetic grass is a great commercial investment
  • Synthetic turf for schools and colleges
  • Why artificial grass is replacing carpets in offices
  • How business establishments can attract more customers with an artificial grass landscape
  • Synthetic turf for pet facilities and apartment complexes
  • What questions to ask your prospective installers
  • Why it’s better to hire professionals than DIY
  • And much, much more
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