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At Artificial Grassopedia, you’ll find information-rich articles backed by in-depth research from our team of experienced writers.

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Looking for this year’s hottest artificial grass landscaping trends? Want to know the latest synthetic turf putting green features you can add to your installation? You’ll find all of that and more here at Artificial Grassopedia!

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No topic is too obscure here at Artificial Grassopedia! We tackle all kinds of synthetic turf concerns and questions here. Learn how to clean pet urine off artificial grass for dogs, or how to remove hard gum from your synthetic yard. Wondering if you need to do anything special to make your artificial yard winter-ready? We got the answers right here!

In-Depth Look at Synthetic Turf

Most people already know that artificial grass feels and looks like the real thing, but ever wondered why? If you want to know the technology behind synthetic grass, just read any of our articles discussing the different aspects of synthetic turf design.

For instance, learn the difference between pile weight and pile height. Discover why artificial grass for playgrounds have a shock-absorbent layer underneath, and how this helps create safer play spaces. Get a closer look at the techniques that installers use to fit synthetic turf on patios, decks, and other parts of the home apart from the backyard. All that information, all in one place!

FAQs about Residential Artificial Grass

More and more homeowners are making the switch to residential artificial turf. It’s a big investment, so it pays to be informed before making a decision. From how to choose the right synthetic turf for your project, to how you can find the best installers, you’ll find a wealth of information here.

FAQs about Artificial Grass for Commercial Landscapes

Artificial Grassopedia is also committed to helping our readers make the best choices when it comes to synthetic turf for commercial landscaping. We cover all sorts of topics in this niche, such as artificial grass for offices, municipal applications, apartment complexes, and so many more commercial projects.

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