How Can Atlanta Grass Installation Help You Stop Your Dogs From Tearing Up Your Lawn

You love your dogs, but you love your natural lawn too. And there’s nothing a dog enjoys more than rolling, jumping, running – and destroying the grass in the process. So what’s a lawn-loving homeowner to do?

Atlanta grass installation provides an attractive alternative that also helps protect the natural lawn below by providing a protective layer between your dog’s toenails and your lawn.

Before we talk about how artificial grass can save your lawn without compromising your dog’s happiness, let’s look at why dogs destroy natural lawns first.

5 Reasons Why Dogs Destroy Lawns

Dogs tear up the grass in your yard for a variety of reasons. Here are some of the most common:

1. It’s a Natural Behavior

In the wild, dogs have to search for food. When domesticated, that instinct is no longer needed, but it still exists. So when your dog sees grass as a potential source of food or a hiding space for prey (squirrels and other rodents), he will tear it up in order to find his prize.

2. They Can Smell Prey

Another reason dogs tear up the lawn is because they can smell prey underneath ground cover. Even if you don’t have rodents as pets or as guests in your home, your dog can still smell them and want to dig to uncover their hiding place(s). And hunting isn’t just about raiding rodent communities – sometimes dogs will dig up grubs and other insects or worms that live in your yard.

3. To Cool Off

Dogs have a variety of ways to cool off, from panting and drooling to digging out holes for themselves (or making new ones). Running around and playing can create a lot of heat, so some dogs will do their best to make themselves more comfortable by digging small holes in the grass where they can sit and pull up blades of grass. There’s no concrete research on this, but it wouldn’t be surprising since we know dogs like sitting in the shade when they get too hot.

4. They’re Bored

Some breeds of dog were bred for jobs like hunting and herding – but you probably don’t need them hunting prey in your backyard. If your dog is spending a lot of time alone in the backyard, he might resort to digging or tearing up grass simply because he has too much energy and nothing else to do.

5. Because They’re Bored

Did we mention that some dogs tear up lawns simply because they’re bored? And why wouldn’t they be bored? When you spend all day cooped up inside, it can get pretty boring out there in the yard when you could be running around with other dogs on the street or socializing with all sorts of new people on walks through town.

All these reasons are why it’s important to protect your lawn while simultaneously giving your dog what he needs.

Many owners just give dogs free rein over the yard, but that can be bad for the grass. So how atlanta grass installation helps that process is by providing a safe, soft surface that acts as an insulator against your dog’s toenails while also protecting the lawn below.

Artificial Grass is the Pet Friendly Solution

The right artificial grass can provide many of the same features as natural lawns without requiring any special treatment. In fact, properly installed artificial grass should be as pet friendly as possible.

Normal grass can wear down from dogs rolling around on it or digging up holes. Even if you have a dog that doesn’t dig or tear up the ground, others might come over to visit and do so, leaving your yard torn up and your lawn bare in spots. By comparison, artificial turf is a much more durable surface that requires minimal upkeep and stands up against heavy use from all sorts of pets – including dogs that like to dig!