5 Reasons Your Senior Dog Will Love St. Louis Artificial Turf

Why Elderly Dogs Love St. Louis Artificial Turf
January 25, 2023

Why Elderly Dogs Love St. Louis Artificial Turf

Does your senior dog struggle to do their business in the backyard? If so, artificial grass might be the perfect solution. Artificial grass can provide a convenient, low-maintenance potty area for elderly dogs. Here are five reasons why your senior dog will love St. Louis artificial turf.

  1. Artificial Grass is Easy on Aging Joints 

    As dogs age, they often develop joint issues which can make walking on hard surfaces difficult and uncomfortable. Artificial grass provides a softer surface for them to walk and lay on, giving them relief from hard ground or dirt. The texture of St. Louis artificial turf also makes it easier for dogs with unsteady footing to grip and maneuver as they move around.

  2. Artificial Grass Drains Quickly 

    Senior dogs may have trouble controlling their bladder or may develop incontinence due to age-related issues or medical conditions like diabetes or Cushing’s disease. A quick draining artificial turf can help keep your yard cleaner by quickly getting rid of standing water or urine puddles that result after your pup does their business.

  3. Artificial Grass Minimizes Weeds & Insects 

    Weeds and insects can create an uncomfortable experience for elderly dogs who may have difficulty keeping up with their younger counterparts in chasing pesky critters away from their potty area.

    With artificial grass, weeds and insects are eliminated due to its non-porous surface that doesn’t allow water absorption and germination of weed seeds like natural grass does. Furthermore, bugs don’t find it inviting either as there is no moisture or food source available in an artificial lawn like there would be in a real lawn setting.

  4. Artificial Grass is Low Maintenance

    Maintaining a lawn takes time — something seniors may not have much of — and energy — something seniors may not want to expend when tending to upkeep chores like mowing, edging, fertilizing, and weeding natural grass lawns require regularly throughout the year if you want it to stay healthy looking.

    With synthetic turf, all you need is a spray hose every once in a while to keep it clean from pet waste deposits. And forget about ever having to mow again!

  5. Artificial Grass Stays Cooler In The Summertime

    Elderly dogs often suffer from age-related illnesses such as heat stroke more easily than younger puppies do because their bodies are less efficient at regulating body temperature as they age; thus making warm weather more challenging for them since they cannot regulate their body temperature efficiently anymore.

    Synthetic grass in St. Louis helps mitigate this issue by staying cooler than natural grass during hot days due to its superior drainage system that prevents standing water; thus preventing any kind of bacteria growth that could occur in stagnant water accumulation found in natural lawns during hot summer months.

    Installing artificial grass can be beneficial for both you and your senior pup! Not only will you save time tending the yard but you’ll also ensure that your pup stays comfortable while doing his/her business outdoors – even during those hot summer months.

    Artificial turf in St. Louis provides a soft surface where aging joints will thank you while still providing efficient drainage so that incontinence won’t create messes around the house—or worse yet—injury due slipping on wet surfaces outside.

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