Putting Green Installation Near Me The Ideal Lawn Feature

Putting green installation near me have a high perceived value and can be easily incorporated into nearly any landscape design. We’ll walk through some of the best uses for an artificial putting green, with an explanation for each.

1. Putting Greens Are Great for Kids

Obviously kids play on putting greens, but they’re even more fun when you add in a cup and flag. Putting cups and flags can be purchased from your local pro shop or online.

This is a great way to get kids involved in the game of golf and make for fun memories. Kids love speed bumps, and there’s nothing like first-time (or even thousandth time) frustration to create laughter. Adults should probably supervise this activity.

2. Putting Greens Are Great for Life Skill Development

If your child hasn’t taken golf lessons yet, this is a great time to start! Golf lessons are very enjoyable on putting greens, so getting started early can really help develop life skills like attention span and discipline over the course of several years.

Putting green installation near me also make amazing basketball courts for summer, with the same low impact on ankles you get from a golf green.

3. Putting Greens Are One of the Best Uses for Landscape Space

Golf courses are beautiful, but most neighborhoods can’t support one. However, nearly every neighborhood could support an artificial golf putting green in some form or fashion. Putting greens are great for many age groups and also housing developments that have a large number of retirees who love to golf.

4. Putting Greens Are Fun for All Ages

Kids, parents, grandparents – pretty much everyone enjoys playing on an artificial putting green! It can be frustrating at first if the cup is slightly off-center or the flag isn’t standing up quite straight, but that’s all part of the fun.

Many people choose to dedicate their putting green space to other activities besides golf, including frisbee, bocce ball, horseshoes, etc.

5. Putting Greens Are Easy to Maintain

Artificial turf installation near me typically consists of synthetic grass over a base of crushed stone, rubber, or recycled materials. This type of putting green is very low-maintenance and doesn’t need to be mowed like a typical lawn.

It’s recommended that you rake your artificial putting green once every week during peak usage times to remove grass clippings and other debris. A leaf blower may be used every month or two to blow away dirt and dust, which can dull the surface.

6. Putting Greens Are Great for All 4 Seasons

Putting greens are great year-round! Play on them in the summer when it’s blazing hot outside (at least on this side of the world) and come back out in the winter months to watch snow flakes fall as you putt.

One of the most common questions we get is how does an artificial turf in Nashville hold up during snowfall? An artificial putting green functions as a flat surface and is generally only affected by snow removal equipment. If it snows, simply use a leaf blower or a snow shovel to clear it away.


Putting greens make a great addition to nearly any landscape design. Recommended uses for artificial putting greens in the home include: entertainment rooms, outdoor living spaces, patio decks, pool areas, foyers and entryways, kids play areas/games rooms, etc.