7 Reasons Why Artificial Turf in Atlanta is Very Safe for Dogs

7 Reasons Why Artificial Turf in Atlanta is Very Safe for Dogs
November 23, 2021

7 Reasons Why Artificial Turf in Atlanta is Very Safe for Dogs

p>Artificial grass helps create a safe, fun outdoor area for your dog. Dogs love playing on it – so what are you waiting for? To help you make the decision, here are 7 reasons why artificial turf in Atlanta is safe for dogs.

1) It’s economical and durable

Artificial turf in Atlanta costs significantly less than natural grass, yet it can still have a pleasant green look to it. So if you want your garden to be both aesthetically pleasing and safe for your dog, artificial grass could be the perfect solution. The cost of maintaining artificial turf is also low – you may not even need to clean it.

2) It’s warm and comfortable for your dog to walk on

Artificial grass has very few cold surfaces that could irritate your pet’s feet . If you’ve ever had an outdoor carpet, then you know how comfy it feels on your feet. That’s the same kind of comfort pet owners can enjoy with artificial grass installation.

3) It helps prevent your dog from being injured by flying objects

If you have any children or pets, then outdoor areas are likely to get littered with random toys and other items when no one is there to clean up. Artificial grass has a layer of protective plastic beneath the blades, which will keep your dog from stepping on any harmful objects.

4) It looks nice and is easy to maintain

Artificial grass is usually green in tone, so it can contribute to a pleasant visual appeal for your garden or backyard. The maintenance is also relatively simple – just brush off debris such as leaves and pet hair when no one is around to bother you .

5) It’s anti-slip

Atlanta putting greens and landscapes have a non-slip backing, which means your dog won’t be slipping and sliding on it. No more broken bones! Artificial turf also contains rubber granules that are compressed into the fabric, making it heavy enough to stay put even when it’s wet outside.

6) It won’t smell bad when your dog pees on it

You might think that artificial grass would smell bad if your dog goes potty on it, but you’d be surprised at how quickly such smells dissipate after a good rain shower. Also, most pet owners will agree with this: dogs usually aim for the grass, not a piece of furniture or a wooden floor.

7) It can be used as a simple exercise area

Artificial turf is generally flat and level, so it’s easy to walk on with your dog or let your kids play on it. In fact, some pet owners even put in ramps for their pets to use as exercise equipment!

In conclusion, artificial grass is cheap and easy to maintain, while offering excellent value for money. It’s also a comfortable surface for your dog and won’t get in the way of their outdoor fun. From an economical perspective, artificial lawn will save you money – on top of that it’s durable & safe!

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