8 Tips for Maintaining Pet Artificial Grass in Santa Cruz

March 17, 2023

Having an artificial grass lawn for your dog has many benefits. Artificial grass is easy to maintain, free of weeds, and needs no mowing or water! But with these advantages come some maintenance responsibilities if you want your artificial turf to stay in good shape and last for a long time. Here are 8 tips for maintaining your pet artificial grass in Santa Cruz:

  1. Keep the Artificial Grass Clean

    Artificial grass can get dirty quickly with pet dander, dirt, and debris. To keep it looking its best, sweep it or blow it off regularly to remove debris and vacuum any pet hair from the blades. You can also use a hose to spray off areas that have become muddy after your pup has been playing.

  2. Check for Wear and Tear

    It’s important to monitor the condition of your artificial grass regularly, as dogs can wear it down over time from digging or running around on it. If you notice any bald patches or discoloration in the turf, it may be time to replace certain sections of the lawn.

  3. Repair Damaged Artificial Grass

    If you find any rips or tears in your artificial grass, it’s important to repair them as soon as possible. Artificial turf in Santa Cruz CA can be patched using specialized tape or glue and some manufacturers also offer pet-specific turf that comes with an extra layer of protection against wear and tear.

  4. Keep Artificial Grass Dry and Cool

    Artificial grass tends to stay cooler than natural grass, but it can get hot in direct sunlight. To keep your dog comfortable, consider investing in a sprinkler system that will mist the turf or install a shade structure over the artificial lawn. Additionally, try to minimize any standing water on your grass after rain or snow as this can lead to mold and mildew growth.

  5. Provide Good Drainage

    Good drainage is essential for any synthetic grass for dogs in Santa Cruz. Artificial grass has tiny holes in its base layer that allow excess water and pet waste to drain away. Make sure the ground beneath your turf is level and free of debris to ensure effective drainage.

  6. Install Artificial Grass with a Pet-Friendly Infill

    Infill is the material between the blades of artificial grass that adds cushioning and helps keep the turf upright. Artificial grass installed for pets should use infills like silica sand or rubber granules, as they are less likely to irritate paws or skin.

  7. Clean Up Pet Waste Immediately

    Pet waste should be removed as soon as possible to ensure your artificial grass stays clean and safe for everyone. Artificial turf makes it easy to pick up pet waste – simply scoop it up with a pooper scooper and dispose of it in the trash.

  8. Use Artificial Grass Cleaners

    Regular sweeping and rinsing may not be enough to keep your artificial grass lawn clean, especially if you have multiple pets. Artificial turf cleaners are specially formulated products that can help remove pet urine, odor, and bacteria from the blades of artificial grass. This product is a must for those with many pets!

    By following these 8 tips, you can keep your pet artificial grass in Santa Cruz looking great and ensure a safe and comfortable space for your pup to enjoy.


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