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Artificial turf in Bend Oregon has become a popular option for garden landscaping – and not just to cover the otherwise unappealing dirt. Here we take a look at some of the top reasons why you should choose fake turf over natural lawns, pebbles or gravel.

Environmentally friendly

It may sound strange to want a fake lawn in your garden but artificial grass uses 90% less water than natural lawns and also reduces the need for harmful pesticides and fertilisers. It’s no wonder it’s being used more and more as a landscaping option.

Visually appealing

Artificial turf is seductively realistic, from the soft look to the texture. Fake turf is incredibly resilient, can be made in any colour and designed in a variety of shapes and styles. There are even different grades of grass, from real-looking but hard-wearing polyethylene blades to more natural nylon grass which decomposes at the end of its life cycle.

Low maintenance

No need to mow, water or weed – it’s the dream of every lazy gardener. Artificial grass in Bend Oregon will always look fresh and green so all you need to do is hose it down from time-to-time to clean off any dust or dirt build up.

Low cost

While prices obviously vary depending on factors such as size and installation, artificial grass is surprisingly cheaper than you might think. By removing the need for garden maintenance, saving water and time spent weeding and planting your investment will quickly be recouped.

Pet friendly

Dogs love rolling around on fresh-smelling green lawns but after a few days any natural grass will end up muddy and full of parasites. Fake grass has none of these problems and your dog will be more than happy to lie on it.


Because there are no roots, weeds or insects, synthetic grass installation in Bend is completely unappealing to pests so you won’t have to worry about unwelcome visitors. Nor will you need to spend money on pest control or repellents.

No smell

Fake turf is sterile and completely safe, eliminating any concerns about harmful bacteria or parasites that can thrive in natural grass. There’s also no risk of burning your grass with lawn chemicals or standing on fresh fertiliser.

No need to mow

With no lawnmower required fake grass is perfect for anyone with limited mobility and makes it easy for elderly people or those who find the chore difficult. It’s also ideal if you want minimal garden maintenance.

Easy to keep clean

Because artificial turf in Bend, Oregon is made from a non-porous material it’s much easier to keep clean. A quick wet sponge will be enough to clear away dirt or any other debris from your artificial lawn and you can even hose it down without having to worry about pools of dirty water forming behind the turf.

In summary, fake turf offers a number of benefits for garden landscaping but the main ones are that it’s eco-friendly, low maintenance and cost effective. With so many benefits it’s no wonder more people are opting to use fake grass in their gardens.