Artificial Turf in Manteca: Reducing Allergens in the Yard for Dogs

Making Yards Safer for Dogs
August 23, 2021

A lot of people with allergies don’t realize that their pet could have the same problem. Pets can develop seasonal allergies to pollen, dust and other allergens. These substances cause an inflammatory response in pets just as they do for humans. When pet owners find out that their beloved furry friend is suffering from a pollen allergy, one of the first questions they ask themselves is “What about my yard?” If you are concerned about your pet’s health and want them to enjoy all the benefits of living outdoors, artificial turf in Manteca might be a great solution!

Making Yards Safer for Dogs

What kind of allergens are present on natural grass?

A wide variety of pollens are present, including tree pollen and grasses. These can cause allergies in people and pets that have been sensitized to them. In addition, natural lawns also contain a number of fungi spores which may be responsible for causing seasonal breathing problems.

How Artificial Grass Helps Pets with Allergies

Synthetic grass is great for pets with allergies. It has all the benefits of natural turf, but without the pesky allergens and other substances that can irritate your pet’s skin or lungs. As a result, artificial lawn does not require any special care past what you would normally do to maintain a healthy living space for your family.

Artificial turf in Manteca also provides an excellent environment for pets to do what they love best, ie. play and lounge outdoors! Many turf customers have noted that their dogs are more active on the synthetic grass than they were before as it is easier on their joints too. Plus, artificial lawns will not fade or change color throughout the year.

How Artificial Grass in Manteca Helps Humans with Allergies, Too

It’s no secret that there are many people who have allergies, and for some of them their allergic reactions to pollen may be so severe they need medical care.

One way these allergy sufferers can get relief is by getting artificial turf installed on their lawns or yards. The same synthetic grass system will also greatly reduce the amount of pollen in the air, making it easier for those with allergies to stay outdoors without having a reaction.

Because synthetic grass is also made from plastic, this means there are no longer any dust particles or bacteria that can be harmful to humans and animals who have allergic reactions as well. This type of turf will not cause an allergy sufferer’s symptoms to worsen.

Final Thoughts

Introducing your pet to artificial grass for dogs in Manteca is a great way to help them with their allergies and generally lower the number of allergens in your home. Synthetic grass provides an excellent environment for pets, plus it will not fade or change color throughout the year. If you want more information on installing artificial turf around your property, contact your local installers today!

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