Artificial Turf in Santa Cruz CA Convenient and Water-Free

There are numerous benefits to artificial turf in Santa Cruz, CA, but some stand out more than others. Listed below are six of the most beneficial reasons for using this landscaping product in water-free environments.


Something that is seen immediately when looking at artificial surfaces is their realism. These products look so similar to natural grass that it requires very close inspection to tell the difference. They also come in a wide variety of colors and styles so they can easily be suited to any preferences.


Furthermore, artificial turf in Santa Cruz, CA does not require watering or mowing. Although some maintenance will still need to be done, such as weeding and brushing off leaves or twigs that have fallen on top, it is much easier to take care of than real grass.


Pet artificial grass in Santa Cruz is safe for children and pets because there isn’t the risk of them falling and getting hurt due to objects hidden under long grass. It’s also safer for people who use wheelchairs, walkers, and other devices as it doesn’t require walking on soil that might be wet or muddy.


Artificial surfaces are also friendly to the environment because they do not require fertilizer, pesticides, or water that result in harmful runoff. The UV rays of the sun can heat up these products as well, so it doesn’t contribute to global warming due to overheated lawns.

Cost Effective

Even though some of these surfaces can be more expensive than natural grass, the cost will go down over time. To install real grass, a professional landscaper must first prepare and grade the area around removing any topsoil that might have been there before. Then, they’ll need to remove all of the rocks and debris from the soil and replace it with new soil. A layer of gravel will then need to be put down and rolled into place to keep the surface of the land from shifting. After that, they’ll have to lay out all of the pipes for any sprinkler systems and add grass seed, fertilizer, stones around trees, and more.

Lastly, they need to make sure no part of the lawn is damaged, either from moving objects or from the sun baking the grass. All of this labor takes weeks and usually has to be done more than once if there are any soil problems. With artificial grass, all of these steps can be skipped and it can just be rolled out into place and unrolled to trim off the edges. For customers who are interested but are afraid of the higher prices, these surfaces can be leased over time instead of bought outright.


Lastly, artificial grass services in Santa Cruz are convenient because it doesn’t need water to maintain its beauty. This means that whenever it rains or there is a lot of snowfall outside, customers don’t have to worry about their lawn getting ruined. This is a big advantage in areas that get large amounts of precipitation during the year.

Artificial grass delivers six important benefits for people who want to maintain their lawn without wasting water or dealing with high-maintenance schedules that include regular watering, mowing, and other cleanup tasks.