Perks Of Putting Greens For Leisure Golfers

Although often associated with commercial, championship quality golf courses, artificial putting greens are becoming increasingly popular amongst the recreational golfer. Here are some of the benefits that an artificial turf installer in Miami can offer you to improve your game around the green.


An artificial turf installer in Miami will never cut up like a natural turf green so there is never the need to worry about the greens running too fast or becoming unplayable.

Furthermore, because of its consistent and even grain it can be played like a carpet and will always roll true and straight.

This is particularly useful on those holes where you need to get up and down from around the green because you can hit your putts without having to worry about breaking them off line before they reach the hole, which is often the case with natural greens due to their undulations and grain.

Motion Control

The amount of movement in a natural turf green varies greatly depending on the type of turfgrass used, how much traffic it has received over time, whether or not there are one or more hard surfaces close by such buildings and other structures that generate reflected heat or cold, which can lead to condensation in the form of dew on the green

As a result you simply cannot guarantee how much movement your putt will have when it reaches the hole, with some 10 footers breaking two feet either side of where they would go if they were rolling across an immovable surface like that of an artificial grass for homes in Miami.

The difference is even more exaggerated when playing into the wind.

With an artificial putting green there is virtually no perceptible difference between one end and another, making it possible to read any line on your ball without fear of it breaking off at the hole. This makes chipping from off the green far easier as well as those all-important short putts.

Natural Feedback

One of the biggest problems facing many amateur golfers is a lack of consistency when playing from around the green. This leads to a lot of short putts being missed, which can make even a good round seem like an uphill battle against the scorecard.

The good news is that because of their grain-free nature artificial putting greens offer a very consistent surface for you to practice your short game on, especially those essential chipping shots from close to the green.

The lack of grain means that there is no difference between one part of the putt and another so you can spend as much time as you like getting used to how your ball rolls on each type of surface without having to worry about the difference in grain throwing your putts off.

And, because they are typically much longer than natural greens you can hit both short range chips and long run-up shots under simulated pressure.

Good for Your Backswing

As well as being beneficial when it comes to your putting stroke, artificial green can also help your backswing.

Because the surface is so consistent it feels very smooth and all you feel when you strike the ball is a slight give as it rolls along the deck, with no bumpy ride that can pull your swing off line after landing on natural grass.

This makes artificial putting greens excellent practice surfaces for those players who are recovering from injury or simply want to iron out the slight flaws in their swing without having to worry about interrupting their backswing with inconsistencies of a natural green.

In conclusion, synthetic grass installation in Miami offers a number of benefits whether you’re an amateur looking for consistent putt surfaces on which to practice your short game or a touring pro who simply wants the utmost in consistency and feel during training sessions.