Become an Environmentally Responsible Homeowner with Artificial Turf in Kansas City

artificial turf environmental
December 16, 2020

Aside from making life easy, one of the byproducts of world development is the destruction of nature. Fortunately, many people are making conscious efforts in preserving the environment. For a lot of homeowners, the choice could be as simple as installing artificial turf in their Kansas City properties.

artificial turf environmental

The Environmental Benefits of Using Synthetic Turf

Plastic is one of the worst threats to the environment. It takes a long time to decompose, and could sometimes end up in the ocean. And you might not have thought that using synthetic grass for your Kansas City property is an eco-friendly move. However, artificial grass is becoming more popular because of its environmental benefits such as the ones below:

It Uses Less Water

Natural grass needs to be watered to remain lush. On average, a household consumes 12,000 gallons of water for lawn maintenance each month. That’s how much freshwater you can save when you switch to artificial turf, as it doesn’t need to be watered.

Artificial grass is also made with UV-resistant materials. This prevents the grass from heating up and losing its color. This gives you a green yard for the whole year round.

It Reduces Home Carbon Footprints

Gas-powered mowers emit pollution that is equivalent to 10-35 cars, in one hour of use. And installing artificial grass in your Kansas City home can help reduce this kind of pollution. This is because synthetic grass is low-maintenance and doesn’t need to be cut to keep its length.

Artificial grass is also made of hypoallergenic materials that don’t hold on to pollen grains the way natural grass does. This makes synthetic turf an even better choice for people with pollen allergies, or pets with grass allergies.

It’s an Eco-Friendly Pest Control

Another air pollutant known to everyone is garden chemicals. These are weedkillers, pesticides, and fertilizers. These chemicals are often used in maintaining lawns. And it’s not only harmful to the environment but also humans and animals.

Artificial turf in Kansas City doesn’t need these chemicals to be maintained. The materials it’s made of also make it both weed and pest repellent. This makes artificial grass a very eco-friendly choice for pest and weed control.

It’s Recyclable

Recycling is a practice that had existed for a long time, to reduce wastes In landfills and the ocean. And unbeknownst to many, artificial grass is recyclable and are often made of recycled materials. It is also durable enough to last you more than 10 years, helping you with your eco-friendly efforts in the same length of time.

Live an Eco-Friendly Life with Synthetic Grass

Making a positive difference for the environment doesn’t have to be complicated. If you’re just starting on your eco-friendly journey, start small until you reach your goal of living sustainably. Switching to artificial turf instead of natural grass is a great first step. To get started or to learn more contact your local installers now.

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