Can Artificial Grass in Manteca Around Pools Become Slippery When Wet?

Artificial Grass in Manteca Around Pools Safety Benefits Revealed
October 2, 2023

Artificial Grass in Manteca Around Pools Safety Benefits Revealed

Creating a safe and enjoyable poolside environment begins with selecting the right type of flooring. This consideration is vital as most pool surfaces can become dangerously slippery when wet. Here, we explore artificial grass in Manteca as a potential solution.

Do Poolside Floorings Become Slippery When Wet?

Different types of poolside flooring offer varying levels of safety under wet conditions. Let’s examine some of the most common choices and their susceptibility to becoming slippery when wet.


Concrete is one of the most common choices for poolside flooring, thanks to its durability. However, it often becomes very slippery when wet, posing a significant hazard to pool users, especially the young and elderly.


Natural stone or tile adds elegance to your pool space, but many types can become very slippery when wet. Although some textured varieties provide more traction, wet stone still presents some risk of sliding or falling.

Wood Decks

Wood decks impart a warm, natural ambiance around pools. However, certain types of wood can be seriously slick when wet. Regular maintenance and the use of textured paint can help, but won’t eliminate the risk completely.

Artificial Grass Doesn’t Get Slippery When Wet

In contrast to other poolside floorings, artificial grass in Manteca offers a significantly safer option, as it maintains excellent traction even when wet. Here’s why.

Excellent Traction

The synthetic fibers of artificial grass create a lush surface that offers excellent traction underfoot. This physical attribute does not change when the turf becomes wet, making it less slippery compared to surfaces like concrete or stone.

Efficient Drainage

Artificial turf is often designed with an efficient drainage system. Even under intense rainfall, it swiftly drains the water away, leaving almost no standing water on its surface. This virtually eliminates the core cause of slipperiness, i.e., a thin film of water causing slippage.

Optional Infills

Certain types of infills can enhance the non-slip properties of artificial grass. Sand and rubber granules, for example, add stability and reduce any possible slickness.

Other Benefits of Artificial Grass for Poolside Areas

Apart from maintaining traction when wet, artificial grass in Manteca offers several other advantages.

Easy Maintenance

Artificial grass doesn’t require mowing, watering, or fertilizing, significantly reducing the maintenance needed when compared to natural grass. This makes it an ideal lifestyle solution for pool areas.

Durable and Long-Lasting

Quality synthetic grass holds up well under heavy foot traffic and harsh weather conditions, maintaining its lush, green appearance year-round.

Allergen Reduction

Artificial grass doesn’t produce pollen or harbor allergens, making it a great choice for those suffering from allergies.

Comfort and Aesthetics

Artificial grass provides a softly cushioned, comfortable surface. Its evergreen appearance also enhances the aesthetics of the pool area, creating an inviting atmosphere.

Artificial grass makes an excellent choice for wet environments, such as poolside areas. Unlike most poolside floorings, it doesn’t get slippery when wet. It also offers many benefits for poolscapes. Keep fun and safety in balance with artificial grass, eliminating the worry of slippery surfaces around your pool.

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