DIY Installation Info: All About the Sub-Base for The Best Artificial Turf

DIY Installation
March 22, 2021

It is essential to have the best artificial turf correctly set up to make certain that it can satisfy its objective, i.e., to supply a spectacular low-maintenance lawn that can be utilized by the entire family as well as their pets throughout the year.

Bear in mind, you cannot simply lay synthetic grass on top of the natural lawn you wish to change. Also, it is never feasible to set up artificial yard straight on soil or dirt.

You’ll initially need to excavate your existing yard, and afterwards add a sub-base. Without them, your synthetic grass will certainly not work or look as it should.

DIY Installation

What is a sub-base?

Within the synthetic yard sector, the ‘sub-base’ is called the layer of accumulations that are set up in addition to the subgrade, or soil, before the installment of the top surface.

Do I need to set up a weed membrane layer below the sub-base?

Yes, it is suggested that a weed membrane layer is put straight below the sub-base, both to avoid weed development as well as to divide the accumulations from the subgrade. If the sub-base is set without this in position, the accumulations can blend with the soil, which can, consequently, lead to the turf sinking. This is especially important for the best putting greens and landscapes.

Why should I mount a sub-base?

The sub-base product is the structure of a synthetic turf installment; it is what will certainly offer your synthetic grass architectural security.

A strong, well-compacted sub-base is vital in supplying adequate toughness to permit foot traffic as well as furnishings to be positioned upon the synthetic yard.

Which is much better: granite or sedimentary rock chippings for the sub-base?

There is no distinction in efficiency in between granite or sedimentary rock chippings, so make use of whichever type of accumulation is most convenient and/or most inexpensive to resource in your city. Your selection can be based upon cost and/or comfort.

Do you always need a sub-base?

If you are setting up the best artificial grass on an existing surface area, such as concrete or outdoor decking, it’s not always needed, as the existing surface area will certainly give enough architectural assistance.

You need to always set up a sub-base if you are installing on a natural lawn. You cannot lay synthetic turf straight on soil.

How do I level the sub-base product?

The laying program is levelled to the needed deepness, utilizing a rake, throughout the whole grass location, and afterwards completely compressed.

How do I compact the sub-base?

The sub-base needs to be compressed utilizing a plate compactor. To make certain appropriate compaction, move the compactor backwards and forwards, and also back and forth, throughout the whole surface area of your synthetic grass location.

The Best Artificial Turf in San Jose for DIY Installers

As long as you work with a reliable company, you can’t go wrong with DIY artificial turf installation. Choose one that can supply both the synthetic turf and accessories, so you don’t have to go anywhere else.

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