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How to Use Artificial Grass in Fresno to Design a Driveway
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Driveway Design Ideas for Artificial Grass in Fresno

August 24, 2021

Artificial grass in Fresno is a great alternative to the real thing, and it’s available in many different styles. You can use artificial grass anywhere you would normally use natural lawn or groundcover plants, including your driveway! Here are some creative ways that homeowners have decorated their driveways with synthetic turf:

Use it as a border for your driveway.

This is one of the most common uses of artificial grass, since homeowners have used real turf in this way for many years. The difference with using artificial turf is that you can choose any color or pattern you want to match the rest of your yard and landscape design. You will need to install a line of some kind around the edge to keep it from sliding off, and you will need a way to hold down the edges so that dirt doesn’t build up under it.

Use paint or spray-on textured asphalt sealer in place of typical driveway pavers.

Synthetic grass in Fresno is an especially good choice as landscaping for a driveway because you can actually install it on top of your existing asphalt. This is great for homeowners with an old, worn-out blacktop or one that has been patched and repatched many times over the years. As long as there are no tree roots under the surface (which can cause problems), putting down artificial grass will give your drive the curb appeal you want while making it easier to maintain.

Create a Zen garden in place of your driveway.

If you’re looking for something more artistic than functional, consider using artificial grass as the foundation for a personal Zen garden on your driveway instead of or in addition to traditional landscaping elements like gravel and paver bricks. This is a great way to put your own creative stamp on things while still creating an interesting and unique design.

You can also use gravel, pavers, and other materials in conjunction with artificial grass to create a more traditional-looking landscaping design.

A few ways to do this are:

Install artificial grass around the perimeter of your driveway and fill in with gravel or pavers.

This is a great way to use artificial grass in Fresno if you want something that looks like traditional landscaping but doesn’t have to deal with water runoff issues. It also allows for customization because you can choose whatever color, design, and layout works best for your driveway.

Fill in the middle of your driveway with gravel or pavers and use artificial grass around the edges instead of an asphalt border.

This is a great choice if you want to switch up how things look without breaking up the existing design too much, especially if it’s something that looks generally similar to what other people in your neighborhood have done.

Use artificial grass for the entire driveway and fill in with gravel or pavers around the edges only.

This is a great way to make things look different without going all-out on landscaping changes, especially if you want something that looks more like what homeowners typically do when they install an artificial lawn instead of a real one.

Try these ideas today! You can also ask help from your local installers for more great ideas for your artificial grass installation in Fresno, CA.

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