Enjoy a Pest-Free Lawn With The Best Artificial Grass for Dogs

artificial grass lawn
January 27, 2021

You love hanging out on your lawn during nice weather, right? But guess who loves it as much as you do? Pests! These itty-bitty insects may not be visible to your naked eye. But they can suck the life out of your yard if not controlled. Throw out these non-paying tenants now by installing the best artificial grass for dogs!

artificial grass lawn

How Can Artificial Turf Remove Common Lawn Pests

Your lawn is home to many tiny little creatures called pests. Some may be harmless, but most of it can damage your grass and invade your home. Some of the most common ones include:

  • White Grubs
  • Chinch Bugs and Billbugs
  • Sod Webworms and Armyworms
  • Bermuda Grass Mites

These insects love snacking on your green blades and grassroots. Also, they like burrowing underneath the soil to sleep and lay their eggs. If not controlled, these pests can get inside your home and make it their new breeding ground.

Most homeowners solve this issue with pesticides. But that solution just creates a bigger one because pesticides can kill some of your plants. Moreover, they can also cause health problems to humans and pets.

So, the best way to deal with your problem is to install artificial turf on your Dallas lawn. Here’s how quality artificial grass can get rid of your lawn pests.

1. It Removes Their Food Source

Installing artificial turf requires removing the grass, soil, and the base underneath it. Thus, getting rid of the pests hiding down under. Without the moisture of soil and sap of the grass, these bugs would have no choice but to relocate. Without a stable food source and shelter, they will leave your lawn for good and never return!

2. It Prevents Stagnant Water

After digging out the soil, expert installers will put a drainage system in its place. Then, they will install the artificial grass in your Dallas, TX lawn.
This draining system will help clear out water in your lawn. It will drain away any pool of liquid down into its sub-base material. Also, it leaves no room for moisture nor standing water. Thus, discouraging pests and other insects from occupying your lawn.

3. It Improves Cleanliness

Leaf piles and grass clippings do nothing but attract little bugs. They can make it their nesting space or hiding area. But with artificial grass, you never have to trim or mow your lawn! Thus, reducing the number of organic clutters in your yard.

Your synthetic turf can survive with little yard maintenance every week. You can use a stiff brush or leaf blower for leaf and twig clutter. For lawns without sand infill, you can use a vacuum cleaner to remove leaves and dust.

Keep Your Lawn Clean and Bug-Free With Artificial Turf!

Lawns should not be a pain in the head to maintain. You deserve a lush and pest-free property that stays that way all-year-long. Well, the long search is over. The best artificial grass for dogs is here! Call your local installers now to get an estimate and kickstart your project.

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