No other landscaping method is as efficient and trustworthy as artificial grass. Once considered inferior to natural lawns, synthetic turf and putting greens have become popular choices for outdoor landscape and recreation. With lush composition and boldly green hues, the artificial turf can do wonders for your home. Get to know each component of the best artificial grass putting greens in Phoenix!

backyard artificial grass putting green

5 Components of Artificial Putting Greens

Artificial grass is a complete landscaping system. Each part of this system is crafted from a unique material and has its own roles to ensure an aesthetic and durable landscape. Advances in synthetic grass technology have made such an efficient structure possible.

Below are the different elements of an artificial turf system:

1. Yarns

The yarns are the part that makes up the structure of the turf. Different types of yarn imitate the texture of natural grasses or combine different strains to produce unique artificial turf in Phoenix. Here are some examples of yarns:

• Stem – a blade with a stem running down its length for enhanced performance.

• Flat – a completely flat blade that has a totally realistic look and proven durability.

• Diamond – a soft yarn that has a diamond tip, with an elegant shape.

• Hollow Yarn – a uniquely-shaped yarn with an innovative design and impressive longevity.

• Willow – a W-shaped yarn that simplifies seaming and makes for flawless installations.

Consider the color, design, and performance of the artificial grass yarn for your space. Take into account the surrounding grass in your area as well.

2. Backing

The backing makes up the main structure for the synthetic turf. The backing material is usually composed of either polyurethane or latex. First, consider the durability of the turf. Next, look at the eco-friendliness of the backing. Ensure that the backing’s construction can last for a long time. Look for toughness in the backing material.

3. Nails

The nails are used for keeping the edges of the lawn in place. Experts on artificial grass installation in Phoenix AZ will recommend the type of nails that fit your projects. A major consideration is the hold of the nails to the ground.

4. Seaming

The seaming joins the lengths of each turf and is a large part of your grass’s effectiveness. Materials that are used for seaming include staples and nails, or seaming tape and glue. Seaming tape is especially suitable for putting greens.

5. Infill

The infill does more than keep the turf upright. It shields the turf backing from direct sunlight which reduces its lifetime. It also ensures that your grass springs back after exposure to foot traffic. Common infill types include crumb rubber and sand.

Get Awesome Realistic Grass for Your Home!

Learning about the different turf components gives you a better understanding of the landscaping tool. All elements come together to create a landscape that is durable, easy to maintain, and stunning at the same time!

Maximize your artificial grass system by letting turf installation experts handle your landscaping efforts. Hire experienced grass suppliers and artificial grass-putting greens in Phoenix to transform your residential landscapes!