Water plays a vital role in all life on earth and no living thing can survive without it. However, too much of a good thing may be bad for your yard. One of the biggest detriments to urban landscaping is overwatering due to an excessive amount of groundwater. It can drown grass and other plants in your yard, often causing rot or fungus. Artificial grass in San Antonio, TX is the perfect solution for this predicament because its surface does not absorb water, therefore prohibiting root rot.

watering grass turf

The Problem with Overwatering

Even though some homeowners design their yards to include ponds and lakes, they still cannot afford to over-water them; this is because of the large amounts of water that will evaporate in a pond’s surface.

Grass, on the other hand, does not have this luxury because when it is watered frequently with too much water its roots will be submerged for longer periods of time. Submerged roots lead to root rot and a reduced ability to take in nutrients from the soil which can eventually kill your landscaping’s grass or plant life.

Solve it With Artificial Grass

Artificial grass for pets and San Antonio homes is the perfect alternative to natural grass because it has an incredibly sturdy surface that allows water to fall through its blades rather than be absorbed by them, usually causing runoff problems on your property. This means no more root rot for your yard! And you can save up to 60% per month on water costs just by installing artificial grass.

The biggest drawback to artificial grass is the cost of installation – it can be expensive and requires a highly-skilled professional to install it properly. However, if you count what you would spend on the upkeep and maintenance of natural lawns and landscaping materials over several years, you will most likely find that artificial grass is the cheaper option.

Conserve Water with Artificial Grass

With all the water shortages in areas where there is a high use of natural lawns, consider your options before you install natural grass. Artificial turf in San Antonio, TX requires no water, will not rot out due to excess amounts of water, and can save you up to 60% per month on your water bill!

Even with installation costs factored in overtime, artificial grass is a much smarter and inexpensive choice for homeowners and businesses.

In conclusion, artificial grass in San Antonio, TX is the perfect choice for any business or homeowner who wants to save money, conserve water, and protect their yard from root rot.