Flea Solution with Synthetic Putting Green Installation in Orlando

Prevent Fleas with Synthetic Putting Green Installation in Orlando
September 6, 2021

Artificial grass and synthetic putting green installation in Orlando is great for dogs because it does not allow fleas to live in the lawn. Fleas love natural, green grassy areas and cannot stand artificial turf. By switching your dog’s outdoor area from a yard with natural grass laid on top of soil into an area covered by synthetic turf, you are protecting your pooch against these nasty parasites.

Prevent Fleas with Synthetic Putting Green Installation in Orlando

Why do fleas like natural lawns?

Because of the conditions that exist within natural lawns.

  • To begin with, fleas love humidity and moist areas where they can lay their eggs.

    Natural grass absorbs moisture very quickly after rainfall or morning dew. This means that your dog will lie in a humid environment for most hours of the day if he spends time outdoors walking around on natural turf.

  • In addition, fleas live within the soil of lawns where they lay eggs and reproduce.

    It is easy for adult fleas to jump onto your dog from the grass when he walks across it. They also wait on blades of grass until your pooch comes by before attempting to attach themselves to his skin in search of a blood meal.

With artificial grass and synthetic putting green installation in Orlando, none of these conditions exist. It is completely waterproof so it will not absorb any humidity no matter how much rain falls on it throughout the day. There are also no fleas or eggs waiting in soil at ground level for your dog to walk over them and become infected with parasites.

Instead, you can create a comfortable outdoor space for your dog which he can enjoy and explore all day long. Artificial grass is the perfect surface because it never changes: unlike natural turf, artificial lawns do not become too hot under sunlight or ice cold during winter months so they are comfortable to lie on at any time of year.

Since there are no fleas in this environment, you don’t need to worry about your dog becoming infested with fleas or ticks. This means that you can also avoid having to give him regular treatments of chemicals which are used by many veterinarians as a preventative measure against parasites (and often cause side effects like skin irritation, diarrhea and vomiting).

Invest in Turf Today!

By switching your dog’s outdoor area to an artificial grass installation in Orlando, you are protecting him against these nasty parasites.

Investing in fake grass and putting greens in Orlando is the best way to give your pet a great place for playtime outdoors which will also protect him from fleas and other pests. For instance, it also gets rid of ticks, which can be dangerous to your dog’s health if left untreated. Additionally, synthetic turf is always the same temperature, making it a safe place for your dog to lay down no matter what time of year.

For more information on artificial grass and how you can create the perfect outdoor play area for your pooch, contact your local artificial grass installer today.

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