Fun and Safe: 10 Kid-Friendly Poolside Area Ideas With Artificial Grass in Reno

October 11, 2023

Reno families who are fortunate to have a backyard pool know the joy it brings. But when it comes to designing a perfect, child-friendly poolside area that’s both safe and provides plenty of fun, many Reno parents find themselves in a fix. Natural lawns have their own set of challenges, including muddy mess, insects, allergies, and constant maintenance.

Here’s where artificial grass in Reno comes to the rescue. Functionally versatile and exceptionally safe, artificial grass installations can transform your poolside area into an exciting, kid-friendly zone. Here are 10 creative ways to use them for poolside areas.

1. Create a Mini Sports Court

With artificial grass, you can create a mini soccer field or a putting green right beside your pool. Artificial grass provides a smooth and even surface, making it ideal for these games. Kids in Reno love summer pool parties and games like mini-golf or soccer can add to the entertainment!

Decide on the sports your kids enjoy, delineate the area, and install the necessary sports equipment. Ensure the artificial grass is properly installed and secured to prevent tripping hazards.

2. Set up a Splash Pad

Splash pads are a great way to entertain younger kids. Install one on poolside artificial grass to minimize the slippery surfaces that make traditional splash pads a potential hazard.

Choose a shaded area near the pool, install a high-quality synthetic grass carpet along with splash pad fixtures, and let the fun begin!

3. Construct a Play Fort

Remember the forts most people built as kids? Now, create a real one in your backyard pool. A play fort on an artificial grass patch ensures comfort and cleanliness for children.

Select a safe location near the poolside, install a play fort on synthetic grass, and add comfortable outdoor cushions for cozy play.

4. Install a Safety-Focused Pool Deck

Synthetic grass can be installed around the pool area for a non-slip, soft-to-touch pool deck. It greatly reduces the chances of slips and falls, a common worry for many parents.

You can replace slips-prone concrete or tile with an evenly installed, well-cushioned artificial grass carpet.

5. Create a DIY Outdoor Game Zone

Artificial grass in Reno makes an excellent surface for classic outdoor games like hopscotch or tic-tac-toe. These painted games wash off easily and won’t harm the grass. Use child-safe paint to mark game patterns directly on the artificial turf.

6. Install a Sandbox

Sandboxes can provide endless fun. By placing a sandbox on artificial grass, you avoid the critters and mud that usually come with natural grass.

Determine the size and location of the sandbox, install a synthetic grass patch underneath, and fill it with child-friendly play sand. You can also place a pre-made sandbox on top of the turf.

7. Make a Picnic Spot

A tranquil picnic spot close to the pool can be perfect for a quick snack or creative play. Designate an area near the pool, lay down artificial grass, and add indoor-outdoor picnic furniture.

8. Form a Quiet Nature Corne

Help kids explore their love for nature. Choose a corner, add artificial grass, potted plants, and maybe a bird feeder. For a no-maintenance garden, opt for artificial plants—the green look without the upkeep!

9. Plan an Outdoor Reading Nook

An artificial-grass-covered reading nook could be the little shaded oasis for the book-loving kids. Choose a shady corner in your poolside area, lay synthetic grass, add a bench or outdoor bean bags, and install a mini bookcase.

10. Design a Scavenger Hunt Area

A scavenger hunt path on artificial grass in Reno provides an exciting exploration ground, keeping the children entertained for hours. Design a simple, puzzling path on your poolside synthetic grass and let the young adventurers take over.

Artificial grass is not just an aesthetic upgrade; it’s a way to foster memorable outdoor experiences for your kids while ensuring their safety and cleanliness. It’s time to bid adieu to the traditional lawn upkeep and worries and say hello to a superior, child-friendly backyard.

With abundant opportunities for play, exercise, and fun, your artificial grass poolside area will be the new favorite hangout for youngsters. So, which idea will you bring to life this summer?

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