A great way to make your lawn safer for dogs is with artificial grass for dogs in Bend. This type of turf can be installed over existing grass and will remove the threat of dangerous burrs that stick in dog’s paws and needle them as they walk through it. Artificial grass also makes a lusher, cleaner surface where dogs play, sleep or relieve themselves outside.

Solve Your Grass Burr Problem

What are grass burrs?

Grass burrs are the seed pods that grow on grasses like wheat and rye. Burrs can cause dogs to get “pricked” in their paws, resulting in discomfort or even infection if they’re not removed right away.

Why are they dangerous for dogs?

Grass burrs can cause injury to a dog’s paws as he walks through your lawn, and if left in the paw, they may work their way into the skin. A grass burr that has worked its way under a dog’s skin is hard to remove without sedation or surgery which adds up to more expense and discomfort for the dog.

Some people are allergic to these burrs as well so it’s not just your pet that may have an issue with this plant.

How do artificial turf lawns remove grass burrs?

Artificial grass for dogs in Bend cannot produce grass burrs, and the material is not affected by them. This makes it a great option for fenced in areas because there won’t be any long-term damage to your dog’s paws from walking on dangerous grass burrs all the time, or getting stuck somewhere they shouldn’t be.

Artificial turf also provides other benefits such as being able to see when your dog’s been in a particular area, or if they’ve had accidents. You can also utilize this for dogs that are older and suffering from mobility issues without having to worry about them getting stuck somewhere they shouldn’t be going.

Artificial turf lawns and artificial grass putting greens in Bend make it easy to spot dirt on the surface of your property too, so you’re not constantly cleaning on a regular basis. There are some turf companies that even offer to maintain your yard for you by edging, trimming and mowing the lawn once or twice per week.

Artificial grass is great for dogs because it’s safe on their paws and doesn’t cause discomfort like real grass can with burrs.


Lawns are full of dangerous burrs that can easily get stuck in your socks. If you’ve ever walked barefoot on a lawn, you know how painful it is to get these prickly grass burrs caught between your toes.

Artificial grass in Bend Oregon eliminates the need for any type of maintenance or mowing which means there won’t be anything left over that could hurt someone who accidentally steps onto the surface. Experts recommend artificial turf because it makes people feel safer and more comfortable while they enjoy their backyard space with family and friends during parties, BBQs, picnics, etc.

Want to learn more about what this alternative may do for you? Call your local experts today.