Orlando homeowners treasure their backyard pools, a perfect antidote to Florida’s blazing heat. Yet, the battle against pool chemical damage on the surrounding landscape poses a significant challenge.

Affected areas might enter a state of decay, creating an eyesore rather than an inviting leisure spot. However, there’s a robust, aesthetically pleasing solution—that’s artificial grass installation in Orlando. Its resilience against pool chemicals retains the appealing landscape you desire, regardless of the season.

The Culprits: Pool Chemicals that Damage Landscapes

Pool water contains a myriad of chemicals including chlorine, bromine, algaecides, and balancers, designed to provide a safe and hygienic swimming environment. Unfortunately, these chemicals can damage the area around the pool when water splashes onto the grass or hardscape.

The most commonly used pool chemical, chlorine, can cause grass to turn yellow or brown as it kills the grass’s natural bacteria and enzymes. Similarly, bromine, another powerful sanitizer, can lead to fading or discoloration of your patio or deck over time.

Balancers (used to maintain the pH of your pool water) and algaecides (employed to prevent algae growth) can also cause harm. When splashed onto your grass or paving, the imbalances they cause in soil pH can lead to grass discoloration, burnt patches, or even death.

Artificial Grass: Standing Strong Against Pool Chemicals

An artificial grass installation in Orlando stands up to pool chemicals far better than their natural counterparts.

Unaffected by Chemicals

Artificial grass, made from synthetic, non-porous materials, remains unaffected by chlorine, bromine, or other pool chemicals. No splash is too strong to cause damage.

Retains Vibrant Color

Irrespective of the frequency of chemical exposure, the colorfast properties of artificial grass ensure its color remains vibrant, consistently providing a beautiful aesthetic.

Superior Drainage

The underlying crushed rock drainage system efficiently drains pool chemical water, reducing chemical residue and damage.

Other Benefits of Synthetic Grass for Poolside Landscaping

An artificial grass installation in Orlando aren’t just a chlorine-proof answer for homeowners in Orlando. They offer a myriad of additional benefits that make synthetic grass an excellent choice for poolside landscaping.

Comfort and Safety

Synthetic grass provides a soft and non-slip surface, vastly reducing the risk of poolside slips and falls. Compared to concrete or stone, a tumble on artificial grass is much gentler.

Higher-end artificial grass options feature a cushioned underlayer which can further mitigate any injuries, making it especially kid-friendly.

Low Maintenance

Unlike natural grass, artificial grass doesn’t grow, so you can pack away that lawnmower. Your garden stays perfect without the effort.

Plus, apart from the occasional rinse down, synthetic grass requires no watering. It’s a great way to conserve water—a vital consideration in hotter regions like Orlando.

Enhances Cleanliness

With artificial grass, you can bid goodbye to muddy footprints or paw prints tracking into the house from the poolside.

On top of that, artificial grass doesn’t foster pests or insects, ensuring a clean, sanitary surface near your pool.

Long-Lasting and Durable

Synthetic grass is highly resilient against heavy foot traffic. Whether you’re hosting pool parties or your kids love pool games, the grass retains its lush appearance.

High-quality artificial grass is UV-resistant, maintaining its color for years, despite the constant exposure to the sun’s harsh rays.

Bidding farewell to the challenges pool chemicals pose to your landscaping is simpler than you think. An upgrade to artificial grass equips you with a resilient, appealing landscape, resistant to chlorine and other chemicals.

By choosing artificial grass, your poolside landscape transforms from a constant battle against chemical wear to a virtually maintenance-free relaxation haven, promising year-round visual perfection. Experience tranquility and aesthetic satisfaction, one artificial grass blade at a time.

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