Natural lawns need water to stay healthy, but too much, and you’re bound to have a flooding issue in your yard. This problem is especially prevalent in areas with high amounts of rain fall. Not only can it ruin your lawn, but can also cause issues like grass root rot, pest infestations, and a dirty home. The best artificial grass in San Antonio, TX offers a permanent solution.

artificial grass flood

What Causes Flooding in Natural Lawns?

There are several factors that can cause flooding in your backyard:

1. The soil is hard and packed.

The proper soil conditions are essential in draining rainwater out of your yard. However, soil tends to get packed together and form a solid mass. In this case, water cannot penetrate the soil, or drains very slowly. Since it’s not fast enough to draw away water from the surface, it’ll eventually flood your yard.

2. The backyard is not level.

Most backyards are not naturally level. This results to slopes that can cause water to stagnate.

3. There is no proper drainage system.

What’s under your backyard is just as important as what’s growing over it. Without a proper drainage system, all that rainwater has nowhere to go.

Aside from drowning your lawn, constant flooding can also trigger more issues. For one, it can cause urine and fecal residue to pool in your lawn if you have pets at home. Next, stagnant water are a breeding ground for pests. Additionally, flooded yards also harbor bacteria and, which can be tracked all over your home and property.

As long as you have a natural yard, you can never get rid of these problems for good. The only permanent solution is switching to artificial grass in San Antonio, TX.

How Artificial Grass Prevents Lawn Flooding

Synthetic grass is especially designed to keep backyards free from floods:

State of the art built-in drainage

First, artificial turf in San Antonio, TX has a porous backing designed to draw water away from the surface. It can drain gallons of water a minute, much faster than any natural lawn. Because of this, it’s very rare for a synthetic lawn to have puddles or flood.

Sophisticated external drainage system

Before installers roll the turf, they will design an efficient drainage system leading away from your yard into the sub-level or onto street drainage.

Perfectly level installation

Finally, the first step for any installation is clearing and levelling the ground. During this phase, installers will clear out any debris such as roots, rocks, pebbles, and any other object that can cause wrinkles or slopes.

After that, they will level the ground using a compactor to get rid of any unwanted undulations. Finally, once the turf is laid out, installers will staple it firmly in place. All of this prevent flooding and ensure any water drains completely from your synthetic lawn.

Enjoy a flood-free lawn with best artificial grass in San Antonio, TX! Call your local installers to learn more about how to get your project started.