How to Create a Kid-Friendly Space with Artificial Grass

How to Create a Kid-Friendly Space with Artificial Grass
December 21, 2023

How to Create a Kid-Friendly Space with Artificial Grass

Are you looking to create a kid-friendly outdoor space in your Santa Rosa, CA home? Establishing such an environment not only provides your children with a secure area to play but also enhances the aesthetic value of your space. Artificial grass provides an exceptional method for achieving this aim. This article offers insights on how to transform your residential backyard with artificial grass into a kid-friendly space.

Why Choose Artificial Grass?

As a living, breathing ecosystem, natural grass requires substantial upkeep. It can become a breeding ground for bugs and pests and may lead to injuries due to its uneven surface. On the contrary, artificial grass is resilient, safe, and requires minimal maintenance. Besides, it’s able to withstand the rough play of children without getting ruined.

Artificial grass has more benefits— it’s allergen-free, ideal for children with allergies, and its soft cushioned base is perfect for falls and stumbles. Moreover, its permeable backing ensures that Santa Rosa’s occasional rain won’t leave your yard waterlogged, thereby preventing your child from playing outside.

Implement a Design with Room for Various Activities

Children enjoy diverse outdoor activities. Therefore, implementing a versatile design is key when installing residential artificial grass in Santa Rosa. Leave plenty of open space for games like soccer, tag, and frisbee. Consider adding features like a mini-golf course or a small soccer field to add to the fun.

You can also incorporate artificial grass into play structures. It can go under a jungle gym, playhouse, or used to border a sandbox. Finally, remember to design a space for grown-ups, too—a quaint sitting area where you can relax while the kids play.

Choose the Ideal Artificial Grass for Children

The market offers a vast array of artificial grass options, so choosing the ideal type is important. The best type should be soft, non-abrasive, durable, and padded for protection. Look for artificial grass with a high number of stitches per square meter—it’s denser and thus provides more cushioning.

Also, consider artificial grass with a porous base. It allows water to drain away quickly, leaving no standing water— a critical feature when children want to play outside, even immediately after a Santa Rosa shower.

Incorporate Safety Features

Safety is paramount when creating a kid-friendly space. Consider installing a fall cushion layer underneath the artificial grass, especially around play structures. If your yard comes with a concrete border, cover it with synthetic grass to avoid trips and falls.

Ensure to smooth out the ground surface to prevent any hazard. The installation process includes a stage where the ground is leveled. Make sure it’s done perfectly to avoid creating any tripping hazards for the little ones.

Incorporate Fun Landscaping Features

Apart from artificial grass, include other fun landscaping features. Small bushes can create great hiding spots, while small ponds can introduce your children to nature. Stony paths can serve as racetracks, and feature walls with chalkboard paint could become outdoor art stations.

Creating an appealing, multi-functional, and safe children play area involves planning and design consideration. However, the result is sure to benefit not only your children but also enhance your Santa Rosa home’s outdoor aesthetics. If you have questions about creating a kid-friendly space using artificial grass, feel free to message us. We also recommend trusted local installers that can turn your dream kid-friendly space into a reality.

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