Create A Fun Barbecue Area For Your Artificial Grass In San Antonio TX Backyard

A BBQ area is a great addition to your artificial grass in San Antonio TX backyard and provides a place for family and friends to gather. Adding the perfect BBQ area will create a friendly atmosphere where guests want to be and provides a place to cook and enjoy your backyard time and again.

During the summer months there’s nothing better than spending the day in your backyard. Friends and family can create lasting memories by enjoying the luxury of your aesthetically pleasing, low-maintenance private synthetic grass oasis in which to relax, entertain and have fun.

BBQ Area Safety Tips for Artificial Grass

When adding a BBQ area to your backyard, it can be beneficial to consider some safety tips.

First and foremost have a designated area on which the BBQ is placed. Ensure the BBQ is not directly on the artificial grass in San Antonio TX as this will create a fire hazard and can damage or melt the plastic fibers.

If you have an existing concrete pad in your backyard,this would be a perfect location for the BBQ. If you do not currently have a concrete pad, a simple way to create a designated area for the BBQ is by using a non-removable pin or a small piece of timber. The pin or timber will keep the BBQ from being moved so it can easily be relocated after use.

The next step is to create a safety surround around the BBQ. This is important as it will prevent your children or pets from being burned by the heat of the BBQ fire due to wandering too close, as well as minimizing the exposure to any hot coals. This also protects other features like putting green in San Antonio TX.

There are many options for a safety surround and this may be dependent upon your personal preference.

BBQ Area Design Tips for Artificial Grass

Once you have created a designated area for your BBQ and ensured it has designed surroundings, think about what style of BBQ suits your backyard oasis. There are many different types of BBQ’s to choose from so it is important to consider the size and portability when making a purchase decision.

If having a larger BBQ is in the plan, ensure you have enough space on which to place it.

Barbecue grills are available in the following types

  • gas barbecue grill
  • charcoal barbecue grill
  • tabletop barbecues for your outdoor dining table.

As for the design of the BBQ area itself, here’s a quick list of ideas:

1. Pressed brick

A traditional BBQ area design can be created by using pressed brick so you have a designated area around the perimeter of the BBQ. This will give the barbecue a classic look as well as providing an excellent design feature to your outdoor oasis.

2. Landscaping features

If you’re looking for something low key and easily maintainable yet visually appealing, landscaping offers an excellent option to provide a safety surround for your BBQ area.

3. Large potted plants

Landscaped areas are costly to install and can be time-consuming when maintaining. Using large potted plants is a great alternative, you can choose the plants that suit your personal preference and will also provide a sense of aesthetics to your outdoor oasis.

The design and style of the barbecue should reflect your personal tastes and backyard oasis so you and your guests feel at home and comfortable in an inviting atmosphere.

Use the ideas above as a starting point for creating the perfect backyard barbecue area for your synthetic grass in San Antonio.