Improving Mobility and Traction with Artificial Grass for Senior Dogs

Improving Mobility and Traction with Artificial Grass for Senior Dogs
April 17, 2024

One of the significant challenges age-saddled dogs face is decreased mobility and traction, especially on slippery floors. This is a serious concern as it makes their day-to-day life uncomfortable and also raises the risk of injuries. However, an innovative solution that has been deemed an effective response to this dilemma is the installation of artificial grass. Herein, we will elucidate the way artificial grass improves mobility and traction for senior dogs, and why you should consider it, particularly if you are residing in Stockton, CA.

The Challenge of Aging Dogs on Slippery Surfaces

Age comes with a decline in muscle tone and strength, and this impacts dogs just like it does humans. Senior dogs begin to have a hard time maintaining a grip on polished wooden floors, linoleum, or tile flooring. Slippery surfaces can lead to painful accidents such as hip or joint injuries.

For dog parents in Stockton, CA, these mishaps are a constant worry, especially during the warm summer months when dogs spend significant time playing outdoors, and slippery dew-covered lawns become a dangerous playground.

Artificial Grass: An Effective Solution to Traction Issues

Artificial grass is increasingly becoming a popular antidote to traction problems that senior dogs face. It provides a non-slip surface that offers superior grip, thus minimizing chances of slipping and subsequent injuries.

In Stockton, CA, this solution resonates strongly given the town’s high temperatures and resultant wet surfaces in the early mornings and evenings. The artificial grass can absorb the morning dew and evaporated humidity, providing a safe outdoor enviornment for your elderly canine companion.

Unique Features of Pet-Friendly Artificial Grass

The following are the key features of pet-friendly artificial grass that aid in improving traction for senior dogs:

  1. Cured silica sand infill: This gives the grass its shape and density, ensuring that the pile remains upright, thus providing maximum grip.
  2. Soft and short pile grass: Shorter blades ensure your dog doesn’t get their nails or paws stuck in the grass, preventing tripping hazards.
  3. Non-abrasive high-quality synthetic fibers: These not only ensure a soft touch but are designed to mimic the texture and bounce of natural grass, thus providing a comfortable and safe underfoot surface for senior dogs.

Why Stockton, CA, Residents Are Turning to Artificial Grass

In Stockton, CA, a town characterized by long, hot summers and high humidity levels, natural grass demands consistent watering and mowing. This not only escalates water consumption but also makes lawns slippery due to the combination of lawn cuttings, water, and dew. Thus, artificial grass, with its low maintenance and improved safety, is gaining popularity among Stockton homeowners who are pet parents to senior dogs.

If you want to explore the benefits of artificial grass for your pets, we strongly suggest doing so. After all, an investment in artificial grass is an investment in the safety and happiness of your beloved pet.

Should you have any queries, feel free to reach out to us anytime. Also, if needed, we can recommend trusted local artificial grass installers.

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