Layout Planning Before You Install Synthetic Grass In Seattle

How to draw the ideal layout for your synthetic grass installation.

Congrats on deciding to invest in synthetic grass! Working with professional installers is the best way to get started. While they will take care of the installation, they’ll need your input about how you need your space to look like.

Here are some tips on how to plan the layout before you install synthetic grass in Seattle.

Measure the area you’ll be using

It may sound like something silly, but taking measurements of your artificial grass installation is one of the most important things you can do. You may think you know how big it’s going to be, but you’ll never know if your measurements are right unless you measure the space first. This will also help the team that will install synthetic grass in Seattle choose the type of grass and other features that would fit well in your specific layout or design plan.

Give yourself some space

You’ll need a little breathing room from your artificial grass installation. It doesn’t have to be a lot,just a few inches around the perimeter of the area will suffice. If your backyard is surrounded by plants or garden beds, don’t feel obligated to give those areas up for the installation either! The goal is simply being able to walk around easily on all sides without having anything too close such as fences (for privacy), garden beds, or other items that might get in the way of mowing.

What about your grass edging?

You’ll probably want to continue using your existing landscaping elements if you already have them installed. These can include bushes, plants, flower beds, and even wooden borders. The idea is to keep everything looking natural while also providing a uniform look throughout the entire lawn. You can always install artificial lawn edging later on if you prefer (most people do). They’re usually very affordable and many come with warranties as well!

Consider a complete makeover!

If you’re short on inspiration for designing your perfect backyard space, why not give it a complete makeover instead? A new layout including an entirely different plant and decor arrangement is a great way to create the illusion of having more space, and also helps highlight new designs and features like your artificial turf for pets on Seattle.

Keep in mind that how you lay out your grass will determine how it looks

It may sound simple enough, but laying out your front yard or backyard appropriately before the installation starts is extremely important. It’s what determines how everything will look like after the project is done. Here are some tips for making sure you get it right:

Don’t forget about drainage! If you have a sloped area where water collects, make sure it flows away from the house so there’s no risk of flooding in case a heavy downpour occurs. This will prevent damage to your home as well if moisture seeps into the soil.

For more tips, call your artificial grass experts in Seattle now!