Phoenix commercial athletic venues are extremely popular for outdoor sports. Although, it can get a bit messy with the mud and dirt all around, which can not only mess up sports gear and equipment, it can also add further risk to injury on the field. With commercial landscaping companies near me, playing outdoor sports can become even safer and cleaner than before.


Why Play Outdoor Sports on an Artificial Turf

Artificial grass is designed to replicate the look and natural feel of grass, which can keep homes and other venues cleaner since there’s no mud and traction to deal with. It can also be installed in any venue all around, from the front and back yards of neighborhood homes to full-size sports venues.

With its lifelike feel and easy installation services, commercial playgrounds in Phoenix, AZ can also serve as a great surface to play some outdoor sports on.

Outdoor Sports You Can Play on Artificial Grass

Commercial landscape contractors near me for sports venues can help owners heighten the experience of outdoor athletes. Not only can sports be as mess-free as possible, it can also be safer and more comfortable to play. Here are some of the best outdoor sports you can play on artificial grass:


Soccer, or football, is one of the best sports to play outdoors—and with artificial grass on the field, playing football can be something else. Players won’t have to worry about tracking dirt in their shoes, the ground can stay level since there’s no humps or ditches to be found, and players can also play under the rain without having to worry about slipping or hitting other players.


Another great thing about artificial grass is that it can be custom made and installed for any venue, which can work very well with baseball. The marks and bases of the sport can be placed on specific points of the turf, and installed to prepare for any baseball game to be played.

American Football

No matter what size the venue may be, synthetic grass can make any football fans enjoy the sport even more. Synthetic grass can be installed on any football venue, accommodating more players and guests in the process.

Dodge Ball

This is an outdoor sport that children can enjoy playing, especially with artificial grass. The smooth surface of the artificial grass can keep children safe from injury and harm when playing, as well as keep them clean while playing.


This is a sport where players can get rough with one another. While it is known to get a bit messy on the field, artificial grass can help soften the blow for the players. The playing field is always even, no rocks to trip on, and above all, rugby players can also play under the rain thanks to the drainage systems that artificial grass is designed with.

Boost Your Sports Venue with Artificial Grass!

With commercial landscaping companies near me, playing outdoor sports can be an even better experience. Call your local installers today and get a quality spot to put your athletic skills to the test!