Scrapes and wounds are a natural part of playtime, but parents would like to prevent it as much as possible. To minimize backyard hazards, many families are searching for synthetic turf near me to replace their natural lawns. One reason is the presence of shock pads. What are they, and how do they reduce injuries in tandem with artificial grass?

synthetic turf injuries

What are shock pads?

It’s an underlay material often use as an artificial grass base for kid-focused applications like in backyards, schools, play grounds, and nurseries.

Shock pads are made by fusing polyethylene pieces together. It’s also known as a fall cushioning substrate. As a safety surface, it feels both firm and spongy.

The Critical Fall Height

During your search for kid-friendly synthetic grass near me, you may have come across the term “critical fall height.” It refers to the most height a child can fall head-first without getting a serious head injury.

As part of a synthetic turf system, shock pads are designed to meet critical fall height requirements. Artificial grass shock pads significantly cushion a high fall compared to the hard ground surface of live lawns. That’s why synthetic turf has become a popular choice among schools and public playgrounds today, especially in areas with high play equipment.

More Benefits of Artificial Grass Shock Pads

On top of the safety benefit, the combination of shock pad and synthetic turf feels nice underfoot thanks to its springy and firm feel. An experienced installer also knows how to pull off an extremely flat finish without bumps and lumps, which is another aspect of a safe play area. No bumps and lumps mean lower chances of tripping and falling.

Synthetic turf installation can be challenging in yards with gardens that don’t allow for side access. In these situations, using shock pad means a ‘cleaner’ installation. In other words, the amount of hard landscaping material is reduced, and artificial grass companies near me can take less of them into your home.

Excavating the lawn is still needed, but the shock pad makes the installation process faster because there’s installers don’t need to lay and compact aggregate anymore.

As for the lifespan, the highest-quality artificial grass can last at least 10 years. That’s a decade or longer worth of a safe, soft, and beautiful yard for you and your little ones.

Find the Best Synthetic Turf Near Me Today

Aside from having the peace of mind that a shock pad offers, artificial grass offers even more advantages for family yards:

  • Non-toxic and hypoallergenic
  • No pests
  • Very low maintenance
  • Versatile designs
  • Party-ready all the time
  • Forever green and lushv
  • No need for toxic chemicals
  • Pet-friendly

That’s just the tip of the ice berg! To learn more about the benefits and applications of artificial grass, contact a synthetic turf installer near you.