The first thing you should know is that ticks are not just a problem for people. If your dog spends a lot of time in the backyard, they could be at risk for tick infestations as well! Luckily, there’s an easy way to protect them from ticks: synthetic grass for dogs in Santa Cruz.

Protects Pets from Ticks in the Backyard

Dogs are more likely to get ticks in the backyard than any other outdoor space.

The reason for this is that ticks are drawn to the moist conditions, and it’s a lot easier for them to find hosts on turf than on dry ground.

If your dog spends time outdoors in areas where there may be ticks (even if they’re well groomed), you should consider installing artificial turf in Santa Cruz, CA in their backyard or other outdoor spaces!

The first step to preventing ticks in your backyard is to remove all the grass and replace it with artificial turf.

This will not only keep your dog safe from ticks, but also help to prevent a large number of other health problems that could be caused by the moist conditions such as urine burns, skin rashes and bacterial infections.

Artificial grass for dogs in Santa Cruz can reduce the risk of ticks by up to 99% when a pet spends time in the backyard.

In addition, it can also reduce the risk of mosquitos and fleas. You don’t want these insects near your dog because they carry germs and diseases.

Ticks are a particularly dangerous pest because they can spread Lyme disease to your dog, which is not only painful for the animal but also expensive to treat. So, it’s best to avoid these pests altogether!

Artificial grass is also a good alternative for dogs with allergies and sensitive skin, which can be aggravated by exposure to ticks.

If a dog does get ticks on its skin, they will need treatment with antibiotics or they may develop tick fever which includes symptoms such as: lethargy, vomiting, diarrhea and lack of appetite. Artificial grass prevents this by blocking ticks from coming into contact with the dog.

Artificial turf is a safe, effective way of keeping ticks away from your dog while also providing them with an enjoyable space to play outside.

Dogs love synthetic turf because it feels more natural to them and they tend not to dig in it like they would a dirt or sand covered yard.

Keep Dogs Safe from Ticks with Artificial Grass!

The best way to protect your dog from ticks is by installing artificial grass in your yard. Artificial grass is designed so that it drains water and doesn’t get too hot, which means that the perfect environment for ticks cannot be created! Call your local installers today for artificial grass services in Santa Cruz as they can set up a design consultation with you or help you select the perfect product. Get started on protecting your pup now before an infestation occurs!