The Cost-Benefit Analysis of Installing an Synthetic Grass in St Louis in a Residential Setting

5 Reasons Why Synthetic Grass in St Louis is Worth It
February 10, 2023

5 Reasons Why Synthetic Grass in St Louis is Worth It

People who love golf often dream of having a putting green in their backyard. Artificial grass can make this dream come true! Artificial grass is an ideal choice for residential putting greens because it’s affordable, low maintenance, and looks great. Here are some of the cost-benefit analysis items to consider when thinking about installing synthetic grass in St Louis in your backyard.

  1. Artificial Grass Cost

    Artificial grass is a more affordable option than natural grass. Artificial grass typically costs around $10-$20 a square foot, while the cost of sod can range anywhere from $0.50 to $5 per square foot, depending on the type and quality of the turf. Artificial grass also requires little maintenance, saving time and money in the long run.

  2. Artificial Grass Durability

    Artificial grass is designed to withstand the elements, and is made from a durable material that will not wear down over time. Artificial grass can easily handle high foot traffic, and can last up to 15 years with proper maintenance. Artificial grass has been tested to hold up against snow, heavy rain, and extreme temperatures. Artificial grass in St Louis is also resistant to mold and mildew, further adding to its longevity.

  3. Artificial Grass Outcomes

    Installing artificial grass in your backyard can increase the value of your home. Artificial grass looks natural and provides a professional-level putting surface that will be used year-round. Artificial grass also helps conserve water, as it does not require any irrigation. Artificial grass is the perfect option for people who want a putting green that looks great and requires minimal maintenance.

  4. Artificial Grass Maintenance

    Artificial grass in St Louis MO requires minimal upkeep and maintenance. Artificial grass does not require any watering, fertilizing, or weed-eliminating treatments. Artificial grass also requires no mowing; just brush it up from time to time with a broom or rake. Artificial grass is also easy to clean; simply hose down the turf when needed. Artificial grass also has great drainage, so there’s no need to worry about standing water.

  5. Artificial Grass Installation

    Installing artificial turf is a straightforward process that can be done by the homeowner or a professional. Artificial grass comes in large rolls, and will need to be cut down to fit the specific shape of your lawn. Artificial grass needs to be installed on top of a sub-base such as crushed stone, which helps provide drainage and stability. Artificial grass also needs to be sealed along the edges with a special adhesive and infill material such as sand, rubber pieces, or cork granules.

    When considering the cost-benefit analysis of installing an artificial grass putting green in a residential setting, there are many factors that should be taken into account. However, Synthetic grass in St Louis is an affordable, durable, low-maintenance option that can provide a professional-level putting surface and increase the value of your home.


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