Tips for Cleaning Artifical Grass Play Areas

cleaning artificial turf
March 19, 2024

A Santa Cruz play area equipped with artificial grass provides an ideal environment where kids can frolic safely. Like surfers relishing the majestic waves at Pleasant Point, or bikers exploring the lush trails of UCSC, children in Santa Cruz deserve to play in spaces that are fun, secure, and well-maintained.

For parents and guardians looking after these play areas, keeping the synthetic turf clean becomes paramount. This article offers essential tips to efficiently clean artificial grass playgrounds in Santa Cruz, ensuring they remain vibrant, germ-free, and enjoyable for our young ones.

Understanding the Santa Cruz Environment

Living in the picturesque city of Santa Cruz, we enjoy the sun, the sand, and the sea. But because of our proximity to the ocean, our artificial grass play areas are prone to accumulating sand and outdoor debris. Rain is also sporadic here, which means there’s less natural rinsing of the turf. Hence, regular cleaning becomes ever so important.

Regular Sweeping and Rinsing

Routine care is basic for maintaining artificial grass. Use a broom or a flexible lawn rake to brush the fibers. This helps removes debris, prevents matting, and keeps the grass blades upright, looking natural and fluffy. Weekly rinsing with a water hose will also help wash off dust and small particles. All these are highly manageable cleaning tasks, whether the play area is in a sunny backyard in Seabright or an ocean-view deck in West Cliff.

Stain Removal

The Eucalyptus trees near the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk or the Jacarandas strewn across our city can drop leaves and flowers causing stains. Good news is, quality synthetic grass, like what we offer at Santa Cruz Artificial Grass, have strong resistance against stains. For tough stains like paint, oil, and chewing gum, use a mild and safe cleaning solution. Rinse thoroughly afterwards.

Pet Waste Management

In pet-friendly Santa Cruz, play areas serve as a perfect spot for your furry friends too. Fortunately, synthetic grass is immune to discoloration from pet waste. Treat the waste like you would on natural grass – scoop it up, bag it, and dispose. For pet urine, rinsing the area with water or a mixture of water and vinegar can help eliminate odors.

Periodic Deep Cleaning

Just like you visit Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park every few months for an intensive hike, your artificial playground needs a deeper clean occasionally. This involves using a synthetic turf deodorizer or soap with warm water. Rinse thoroughly to wash away the soap. Let it dry naturally under our Santa Cruz sun.

Cleaning artificial grass play areas in Santa Cruz may seem tedious, but it’s a simple process especially when you get the hang of it. However, if you find yourself needing professional help or advice, feel free to send us a message. We can guide you through the process, or recommend trusted local installers if necessary.

Keep those Santa Cruz play areas clean, safe, and inviting. Because like a sunny day at Main Beach or a scenic drive along West Cliff Drive, a well-maintained playground can make any child’s day that much brighter.

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