Top 5 Golf Skills You Can Improve With An Atlanta Grass Installation

Top 5 Golf Skills You Can Improve With An Atlanta Grass Installation
December 23, 2021

Top 5 Golf Skills You Can Improve With An Atlanta Grass Installation

Do you play the game of golf? If so, there are some skills that you can improve on by using an Atlanta grass installation. Let’s take a look at them!

1. Short Game Control & Accuracy

A new golfer has trouble hitting long shots because he doesn’t have control over his club face and ball position.

But when it comes to short game, which is made up of chip shots, pitches, bunker shots, and lag putts, new golfers can easily get their preferred distance by making the correct swing while keeping the ball in the right spot on their blade.

And since they’re closer to hole than full swings from tee shots and fairway shots, the accuracy required in a short game is much higher.

2. Improved Putting Accuracy & Speed

The second skill you can improve with an artificial grass putting green is your putting speed and accuracy. A lot of new players struggle with this aspect because tend to hit harder than necessary, which can lead to rolling off target.

However, an Atlanta grass installation like a putting green allows you to play at the right speed for your own hands so you don’t have to hit too hard. And by practicing on it, you can get used to hitting with just the right touch needed for putting.

3. Confidence & Mental Game

Playing a game of golf requires mental strength because there are times when you have trouble getting out of bad holes and losing streaks.

But most experienced players say that this is where having an artificial grass in Atlanta GA putting green can be beneficial, as it simulates real course conditions (like undulations and slopes) without any other outside variables like weather and distractions from other players/spectators. This way, you can focus on your game and find out what’s going wrong so you can fix it.

4. Flexibility & Customization

Since artificial grass allows for customization, golfers who practice on it can create some pretty interesting putting green set-ups that were never possible before. For example, different settings like uphill lies, downhill lies, sidehill lies etc. can be replicated to give more flexibility when you’re working on certain techniques or trying something new during a round of golf.

5. Injury Prevention & Recovery

Last but not least is how playing with an Atlanta putting green helps prevent injuries and speeds up recovery from existing ones! Since the turf is durable yet forgiving at the same time, this means that players don’t have to worry as much about rolling their ankles or losing skin/blades on the green. And since it’s comfortable, they can play at more than just one speed and not feel pain from playing for a long time.

These are just some of the golf skills that you can improve with an artificial grass putting green! So if you’re looking to up your game, why not start by checking out local installers.

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