Unpacking the UV Protection Feature of Artificial Grass

UV protection feature of artificial grass in Santa Cruz, CA
January 16, 2024

UV protection feature of artificial grass in Santa Cruz, CA

If you live in Santa Cruz, CA, you’ll know that the beautiful, sunny weather is something to be cherished. But it’s also common knowledge that too much sun can cause damage, not just to your skin, but also to various materials in your yard. Have you considered that the same UV rays that can cause a painful sunburn can also wreak havoc on your beautiful lawn? Well, we’ve got some good news for you! This is where high-quality artificial grass for your yard steps in, boasting a significant feature: robust UV protection!

What is UV Protection?

UV protection is one of the critical features built into the fibers of artificial grass. This protection ensures that the rich green hue remains vibrant even after years of being exposed to the sun. As residents of Santa Cruz, we are all too familiar with California’s sunny weather. While this provides us with an endless summer environment, the exposure to strong UV (Ultraviolet) rays can cause materials to fade, crack or become brittle over time.

The Science behind UV Protection in Artificial Grass

Artificial grass manufacturers have addressed this issue by incorporating UV inhibitors directly into the yarn’s resin during the production process. These UV inhibitors distribute evenly throughout each blade of grass, giving it a consistent resistance to the sun’s rays. Without these inhibitors, your lush green artificial lawn may turn to an unsightly, faded shade—a sight we’d all prefer to avoid in our Santa Cruz homes.

The UV Protection Standard for Artificial Grass in Santa Cruz

The durability of artificial grass in terms of UV stability typically comes down to the warranty the manufacturer offers. Most California-based synthetic turf manufacturers provide a warranty of at least 8-10 years, which suffices in most cases. Santa Cruz, with its temperate Mediterranean climate, doesn’t have extreme sunlight like desert states, so a good quality artificial grass can potentially last much longer than the warranty period.

How Artificial Grass Beats Natural Grass

The beauty of artificial grass lies not just in its resilience but also in its low maintenance requirement. In Santa Cruz’s perfectly-balanced climate, both natural and artificial grass can survive. However, maintaining real grass can be a labor-intensive, time-consuming process. With artificial grass, you reap the rewards of a lush, green lawn all year round without the hassle of mowing, watering or fertilizing. Throw in the excellent UV protection feature, and the choice becomes clear.

If you are still contemplating a switch from a natural to an artificial grass for your yard, the benefits are plentiful.

Artificial grass is not just about better aesthetics and more free time; it’s also about being sustainable in our water-scarce state. Plus, you can save on your water bills. Synthetic turf can be a responsible and beautiful choice for your Santa Cruz home.

Have we piqued your interest? Endless summer in Santa Cruz, CA, doesn’t have to mean the end of your stunning, vibrant yard. With UV-protected artificial grass, your lawn can thrive under the harshest rays of the sun. We’re here to answer any question you might have about artificial grass installation. Message us anytime, and we can even provide recommendations for trusted local installers!


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