Acquiring a new house is one of the proudest moments anyone can have. And you may already have plans about the rooms before you bought the property, but not the backyard. If you’re looking to remodel your plain backyard in Charlotte, NC, artificial grass can provide the upgrade it needs.

artificial grass backyard

Beneficial Backyard Features Using Artificial Grass

The last thing a homeowner wants in their home is a dead space. Backyards, however, usually end up being one. This is because it only functions as available space for gatherings most of the time, and nothing more. Below are some ideas on what you can turn your backyard into, to give it other purposes:

Edible Garden

Edible gardens are great for reducing food expenses and making sure you eat healthily. Synthetic turf in Charlotte, NC is proven to be effective in keeping gardens weed and pest-free. They can be used as walkways, frames for vegetable patches, or dividers for nurseries.

Synthetic grass is made of plastic which discourages weed growth in the surroundings. It also reduces the number of bugs or pests in the area as they can’t find food or build nests there. This reduces water and nutrition competition for your plants.


Having a pool in your backyard can help keep the family healthy through exercise. It also helps regulate the overall temperature in your home. The challenges it comes with, however, are slippery and puddled floors, or muddy surroundings. A great solution for your pool problems is Charlotte, NC artificial grass.

Artificial grass has a porous backing that drains water easily. This leaves you with a dry, non-slip surface, and clean surroundings.


A playground at home is a great investment if you have children. They’ll be able to have fun and exercise, without you having to worry about other kids’ behaviors towards them. Artificial grass in Charlotte, NC can be used as playground flooring with safety features.

It is made with multiple layers and a smooth surface that can cushion accidental trips or falls. Its durability also allows for heavy equipment to be placed on it without tearing.

Short Course for Golf

If you love playing golf, repurposing your backyard into a short course is something you should consider. This will help you perfect your shots, as well as reduce expenses you get from green fees. A personal course also adds aesthetic qualities to a backyard and increases a property’s value.

Using artificial putting greens for the short course is also a great investment. It is low-maintenance and doesn’t need watering or trimming. This helps you financially save from green fees, and maintenance expenses.

Add Purpose to Your Backyard Using Synthetic Turf

Don’t let your backyard be just a potential. By giving it a purpose, you’ll add both beauty and value to your property. And when you incorporate artificial grass with these features, you’re also ensuring your family’s safety. Call your local installers to learn more on how to get started.